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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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I know that a lot of My Brothers want me to make my pick now. I won't. There are so many changes that would be made with the Bands before tomorrow Finals. Tomorrow God sparing I will give My Pick after the Band finish play. A lot a Pan people might change their pick after hearing the bands again. Only the die hard supporters will stick with their picks.I am
not Picking in the dark. Sorry Cecil and the Gang. Still love You all.

Val, all ah we know Despers is yuh band but yuh know they cyah win so yuh ain't sayin anything because yuh fraid the boys on the hill buss yuh head. lol we understand.

Cecil: I thought yuh looking at SOCA MONARCH!!!

I watched the King and Queen show, ah like to see the big mas.

I was looking for it and did not find it! Ah hope MADRAY win. The designer is my best friend!

Cecil, Them fellas doe make no joke nar, you ain't see they run Andre from up day?

OK pan people the big day is here, I hope the best band wins.

Cecil, not the Best Band wins but the Best Arranger wins, (that's the truth, a band is only as good as their arranger) ,lol


You are correct Bede, panorama is all about the arranger.

If all goes well then praises go to the arranger if not then it is really the bands fault. I have seen it in the past a band with a brilliant arrangement are lead astray by a bad drummer or an iron man knocking off tone or at the wrong time. This is not the fault of the arranger but the players themselves and as a result they have lost points and so too the panorama. Win lose or draw we should all praise the pan men and women for an excellent effort and show.

Ok Martin I hear yuh. lets say it's a collaboration.

I haven't heard many bands play, but the ones that I've heard doesn't impress me one bit. The one band that has impress me is Skiffle. I think this year, the winner can be a surprise to many. So, I'm not going to pick the top bands-RENEGADES-ALL STARS-DESPERS-FONCLAIRE-EXODUS-PHASE11-for they have had their fair share of wins.
This has got to be the year the WEST has won back to back titles with a different band. Since it's inception this band has been around-don't quite know their history-and the only thing that I know of them is the infamous clash of the fifties. When you hear Blakie say in his song "STEELBAND CLASH". Invaders beating sweet...ah ha coming down Park Street.
It's going to be close-in this ones opinion-and they have to be at their utmost best. They'll perform well and they shall prevail. So, the pick here is "INVADERS". They are long overdue. Way to long.


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