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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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AL Nunes, the mind set here is that you have to make-up the points you are behind and if possible surpass it, the band that's in front have to pad their lead.

AL recently I saw Messi score a superb goal out of the ordinary, and that was the mark of a genius. He is already a genius, the goal was just a MARK, an indication. The goal alone did not qualify him as a genius, it was the quality of his past achievements and performances.. Hope you get my drift this time, bro.

You don't need to be a Renegades' fan to acknowledge creativity and talent, and to appreciate a fantastic musical arrangement. You sound almost apologetic. If you are, there's absolutely no need to be. Just be always aware,.... that many people see, but lack vision. And many people hear, but seldom do they listen. As a result they inadvertently 'see/hear' the reputation of an arranger without first fully listening to his or her arrangement. Put another way: They allow an arranger's reputation to precede his or her current musical contribution. That's not just unfair. It's unfortunate.

Renegades' imaginative musical contribution to Panorama 2014 should be extolled. And in like fashion, the band's arranger, Mr. Duvonne Stuart, should be commensurately lauded. Don't for a minute moment believe that his success this year, BOTH in the Single Pan AND Medium Band categories was a fluke. This dude has the wherewithal to lead Renegades to their 10th Panorama Title. And he will!!

I overheard someone carelessly banter, after Renegades put down, as you put it, 'the best music on Sat night', "Oh. Duvonne has to pay he dues." This was uttered at 4:00am IN THE MORNING!!! So we will forgive.
This arranger HAS paid his dues. And more!
2012 –– "Vibes".
2013 –– "Shock Attack".
And now, 2014 –– "In The Minor".

You Winston, were not merely awake when Renegades performed, and it WAS a performance –– an outstanding acoustical performance! You were obviously listening!
Did you discern that insightful 'quote' in his intro? Yes! –– I refer to the stunning introduction that captured those patrons that were still awake....and awakened those that were still asleep.
If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it. Google it and listen to it on YouTube. It is Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
What a segue into the body of the tune of his choice, "In The Minor". Magnificent. It was so smooth, I am sure few people detected it. But then again, I think,...almost all had to have noticed it.
This giant of a man (musically speaking, of course) 'sees' music where the rest of us plebs can only hear it. Oh, how I bristle with envy.
I am no musician. I can't even carry a tune in a bucket. But what I do know is that the musical arrangement that Mr. Stuart created, assembled and delivered this past Panorama portrayed his penetrating mental vision of what pan music sounds like In The Minor. What a stupendous interpretation!!!
Listen Winston, two things.
1). Duvonne is 100% Duvonne, and,
2). This year we heard his Bach. Next year, we go feel his BITE!!

Be careful, my friend. His music proselytizes.

You Listening?......

"What a segue into the body of the tune of his choice"......my word I am indeed grateful that at least one contributor on this forum has recognized that which distinguishes Renegades from other bands. Smooth, uninterrupted transitions from one passage to another have been but one unique hallmark of the genius of Jit Samaroo which over his three decades plus with the band has evolved as being an integral part of the band's DNA and Duvone has certainly mastered the art which satisfies me no end.

Its indeed uplifting to read an objective opinion based on factual content interspersed with such a good sense of humour quite akin to Renegades' full bodied performance of Duvone's pregnant (full of meaning) arrangement actually. You mirror, like Renegades, the marriage between WHAT is played and HOW it is played.


Ok Cecil , lets see what my buddy Claude thinks .

Winston? Don't you realize that You and Claude both pick "renegades" to win?

As soon as Claude Gonzales get back on this Forum he's going to say "The Judges thef we"

I admire Patrick for picking Skiffle to win and supporting the Winner "Phase 2 "

I need some assistance, please? On Jouvert morning I had the pleasure of listening to some sweet music that reminded me of the Ray Holmon's Starlift era. This band was playing Bunji's Carnival Tabanka going up Charlotte St., and the music was really amzing.  Did West Stars Philharmonic Orchestra play in the 2014 Panorama? Where is this band from? On their banner I noticed something I had never seen before, 'pan were made by Brown and Kelman', and I wondered if this band was advertising for these men. I really fell in love with sound of their pans.

Hey I am glad some of you guys heard the same fantastic arrangement I heard from Renegades. I personally do not like the two tier point system . I believe. the best arranged tune should win based on the final performance. With this two tier system it makes it very hard for a band who is way behind to win that night even though their performance is the best. They should just judge the performance on the final night . . Forget what happened at the semis.
Winston, what exactly is this two-tiered system to which you refer? Please enlighten. I was of the opinion that only the marks assigned at the Finals decide the Panorama winner. The marks attained in the semi-finals are not considered on the night of the finals and therefore in no way contribute mathematically to the final score. I am certain that is what A.L.Nunes correctly refers to when he states, "The finals begin with a clean sheet. No marks are brought forward."

While I would like to share your belief that the 'best' arranged tune should win based on the final performance, in reality, it is the band that garners the highest marks for its finals night's performance that is declared the winner.

By your own admission, "The best music Sat night came from Duvonne's Renegades", a view many pan enthusiasts and aficionados would corroborate by their own opinion. However, Renegades, with a mere 4-point deficit, placed third.


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