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It is just about that time again when pan people choose who they like for the up coming panorama. With 4 more weeks to go who do you like this year? Pick 5 bands in any or each category, you can make changes anytime you like.

This is me.     Small                                Medium                          Large

                     Golden Hands                    Pan Elders                       Phase ll

                     Supernovers                       Melodians                        Renegades

                     Moods                               Laventil Sound Setters      Exodus

                     Arima Golden Symphony    Valley Harps                     All Stars

                     Tamana Pioneers                Sforzata                          Skiffle.

We all have different methods of choosing who we like, the majority will choose without even hearing a note played. I made my choices by the Arranger and the song they choose.

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Hello Cecil when again will Trinidad and Tobago have a true panorama champion for the carnival season?

patrick, this is a trick question or what? Phase ll won the last 2 so in my book they are champions.

Yes Cecil I agree, but if a player from Supernovas (champions in another category last year) tells you if only  their band had enough players they could of easily beat phase11(champions in another category) last year, can you justify an argument with him/her? No trick question here, who is really the current  panorama champions, the best playing band.

patrick, Supernovas people can say what they want we know what the reality is. There is a definite problem with the number of the smaller steelbands though, this is why there is a shortage of players, too many bands. As for Supernovas if they feel they have the chops let them move up to the big leagues.

Remember there may be many in the small leagues can beat many in the so called big leagues. I believe the big leagues is all mindset. Again it seems to be a bragging rights thing, no true champion.

patrick, it is my opinion that the ARRANGER is the most important person in panorama, if yuh band don't have one of the big boys yuh chances are zero. There is just a few outside the large band  category who I think could bring it.

CORRECTION   Sound Specialist of Laventille is  what I meant in the medium  bands.

This is the defending champion here...lol...what is the close off date for entries? I fully intend to defend my title..hahaha

S&S, I guess you are one of those people that take this ting seriously, you have to hear as much bands as possible play their tune, If that's your way what can we say other than you did an excellent job last year. Close-off date is anytime before Ash Wednesday.

Hahaha...I doh even hear half the bands but sometimes the results are so predictable but that is another discussion. But Ash Wednesday is after Carnival so everybody go win...I will send in meh picks soon...

Cecil I believe your 3rd place position  in the Medium Band Category should read Sound Specialists of Laventille and not Laventil Sound Setters. And  I believe you know Redemption Sound Setters  Play in the Large Band Category. Much respect.

Thanks for the correction Earl.


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