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Quite frankly Pan Trinbago cannot survive a failed venture in Tobago. The finger pointing both from inside and outside would tear the organization apart.

At the same time can Pan Trinbago handle a successful Tobago Panorama operation?

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The show will be a MUSICAL SUCCESS but not a FINANCIAL SUCCESS. But the show is not about MAKING MONEY, the show is about NATIONAL TOBAGO PRIDE ... and all the TOBAGO HEAVY HITTERS are coming together TO REPRESENT.  With all the money that is being thrown at the show -- there will be a decent final product and the music WILL BE GREAT.

Hell, with so many voices on WHEN STEEL TALKS demanding a GOOD VIDEO PRODUCT -- that might even happen.

They could really push the envelope with THAT VIDEO and feature the TOURISM ASPECT of the island; although the foreign viewership is going to be 99% EXPATS.

In today's world, it is ALL ABOUT MESSAGING -- so it does not matter what infrastructural problems the bands and players endure. If they could PUT 5000 people in the STADIUM and the show could run on time and they have TWO DECENT ANNOUNCERS ... the ARRANGERS and PLAYERS are guaranteed to produce TOP NOTCH PAN MUSIC ... so they will have something to BOAST ABOUT.


Lord have mercy!!! Look ah end up supporting the show and PREDICTING it will be a GRAND SUCCESS. Beverley should send me ah FREE VIDEO when THE CARNIVAL IS OVER.

Beverly Ramsey-Moore needs to focus on being President of Pan Trinbago and not President of Tobago. Her responsibilities lie in developing the pan culture and inspiring new blood to join the wayward movement that is pan now. One only have to look at the YouTube videos to see the death that is Panorama today. I remember the days when the North Stand was so crowded that the fire services had to stop patrons from entering. I predict PANORAMA Tobago is not going to be a success. The lack of knowledge is showing in the new executive. Transparency has seemed to have gone out the window. What will be the cost to attend Panorama Tobago? Even if they get 5000 people to attend 1,700 of that will be the pan players. I will post my previous concerns here following this one.

THIS WHOLE Tobago Panorama is asinine. I was in favor of Mrs. Ramsey-Moore taking the helm of Pan Trinbago but now I am having second thoughts. Not because you from Tobago, you have to advocate to have the finals in Tobago for the Medium bands. That money could have been spent in much better ways to enhance the pan exposure and giving the pan community a little more help, especially the unsponsored bands. 6 million could be spent astutely, however in the hands of people who are hellbent on destroying the culture like Gypsy and his disastrous North Park, now Ramsey-Moore and her Tobago Panorama finals. The average tourist visiting Trinidad for the carnival will be the looser like Me. I am not going to buy an airplane ticket to Trinidad for Carnival to then spend my party money to buy another ticket to Tobago and pay expensive hotel prices for accommodation plus pay to see the pan, then chances they will be a bottleneck trying to return to Trinidad.
We all remembered the disaster it was when the Panorama finals were moved to SanFernando during the Queen’s Park renovations. Mark my words this is a disaster in the making.
Silly just silly. Bring back the Zonal finals, so the south bands could have a chance of winning something. That’s where the 6 million could have been spent.

Actually, the finals would only be 10 bands from Trinidad that is if the 3 Tobago bands are not included. So, if the 3 Tobago bands get to the finals, they could house the other 7 bands from Trinidad. The finals however you take it will b 700 players plus arrangers or conductors.

Claude me, boy,
You don’t owe anyone an apology. I played pan in Trinidad for years and there is nowhere in the world you could walk into an orchestra, use their instruments and don’t pay a fee to learn an instrument without rental charge. Trinidadians have a free for all mentality and it is pervasive in Pan. I understand that we all want to be paid for performances and there are some unscrupulous band leaders who hide money for themselves and never distribute appearance fees or winnings. The focus should be on the New Executive and how they manage the books and pay out the funds.

Since the cost of staging the show is no problem payment for players have to be included.

Absolutely. That aspect “payment for players” is always missing.

MERCER and CECIL: PAN PLAYERS come to the PAN YARDS with their HANDS SWINGING and EMPTY POCKETS and WE (PANTRINBAGO and THE STEELBAND MANAGEMENT and SPONSORS) give them PANS and STICKS to play FOR FREE. And we teach them HOW TO PLAY A PAN and we TEACH THEM MUSIC FOR FREE. And they make LIFELONG FRIENDS and they TRAVEL and they SOCIALIZE and they DEVELOP many skills (beyond THE PAN PLAYING) that they would not ordinarily have a chance to develop.

And they have THE GREATEST JOY in their lives PLAYING IN A PANORAMA -- just look at THE VIDEOS!!!

So with all that we as THE BEV and THE PAN MANAGEMENT do for these YOUNG PEOPLE FOR FREE -- it is too much for them to IN TURN PLAY FOR FREE as REPRESENTATIVES of our STEELBANDS during our GLORIOUS PANORAMA?

Just asking: CECIL and MERCER!!!

Dat making sense, yes. They get freeness and in turn they give back........to PanTrinbago. Now I understand.

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago as

1. This Act may be cited as the Pan Trinbago (Incorporation) Act? 1986.
2. Pan Trinbago is hereby created a body corporate and has a common seal
3. The aims and objects of Pan Trinbago are as follows:
(a) to promote the development of the steel band movement;
(b) to promote the steel pan as an indigenous cultural art form;
(c) to purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire lands, buildings, easements or property real and personal which may be requisite for the purpose of or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the objects of Pan Trinbago;
(d) to present, manage, conduct, arrange and organize concerts, competitions, festivals of music and tours and to offer, grant or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions;
{e) to subscribe to, become a member of and to affiliate or co-operate with any other association, incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of Pan Trinbago;
(f) to advance and protect the welfare and interest of members of steel bands;
(g) to encourage and to conduct research programs on the steelpan;
(h) to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

Open to interpretation (f).

Every yr previously.at least 4 bands came from Tobago 4 d Medium band & Large band finals.As far as I heard d cost was prohibitive+ d logistics. i can't c carrying about 10 to 15 bands 2 Tobago is going 2 b any easier.It was written in d newspaper that President Ramsey-Moore said she wanted to create some economic activity in Tobago.I thought Pan Trinbago's well being was her remit.also the welfare of member bands & panmen in general.Shouldn't d creating of econonic activity b d THA's job? We wil c how it turns out.


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