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Please take this survey

When will the results be published???

Just before the finals start.

Results thus far...

1st place

Renegades 5 votes

Despers     3

Phase 2      1

Angel Harps  1

2nd Place

Despers  3 votes

Renegades  2

Skiffle   2

Invaders  1

Allstars  1

Supernova  1

3rd Place

Invaders  3 votes

Despers   2

Allstars   2

Renegades  1

Phase 2     1

Supernova  1

All Stars  taking  it.!!!!!!!!!!

Heard this term "cognitive bias" used by a commentator during the Junior Panorama as she described her role in training Panorama judges. Some of use are guilty when it comes to our own personal biases...music is emotional for most of us. Had to check out the definition.

A cognitive bias is a mistake in reasoning, evaluating, remembering, or other cognitive process, often occurring as a result of holding onto one's preferences and beliefs regardless of contrary information. Psychologists study cognitive biases as they relate to memory, reasoning, and decision-making.

The judges decision will be FINAL.


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