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Panorama And The Power Of Context
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New York, USA - In the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum, WIADCA’s red, white and blue corporate logo featuring a humming bird and an eagle, loomed large at the center of the back wall of the stage. Surrounding WIADCA’s logo was a myriad of corporate posters such as Heineken Beer, McDonalds, Healthfirst, Hennessy, National Grid, The Daily News, Kings County Hospital, Caribbean Life, American Airlines, and others. Curiously, there was no prominent banner to signal the spectacular event of the night -- New York’s 2K10 Panorama Competition.
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Very insightful and thought provoking perspective.

"When Steel Talks" is talking, or should I say preaching.

I hope pan people are listening.
Very observant......
Great observation....in context, the order of importance is..Corporate sponsorship, WIADCA, Pan and last but not least....Panmen. Here we go again!
I hope that from now on this does not happen again. We need a voice like When Steel Talks to represent our Pan people.
I think that 'When Steel Talks' should be the International spokespeople for PAN. Kudoes to them for their unwavering support for pan. Keep it up, dont stop, you are doing a wonderful job.
Mr. Hinkson, excellent article. But why should WIADCA not be intensely scrutinized and criticized for the exact things you so astutely mentioned in your article? If you look at WIADCA from business and or cultural perspective it is one the all time great failures of our community. Too often we allow people and organizations who are failures get a pass. Just look at the New York steelband associations. There are two of them and not one saw what you saw.

Thanks Bugs for taking the time to read and comment. I get your commitment to accountability. I know precious little about WIADCA and I have no measure of blame or fault with what the organization is about. I also know next to nothing about the New York steel band associations. My interest is in creating a new future that speaks to the heart of the people who play and enjoy listening. My stand is that the next Panorama will be about honoring the art and having it serve our communities. Certainly that will take our mouths, our hands, our minds and hearts. What that will look like will is up to us to create. Are you willing to stand with me in that space?
Wrong question Mr. Hinkson. The question is - why were you able to make the observations you made after almost 40 years of New York panorama competitions? You are responding to symptoms, not the disease.

Bugs, you drive a hard bargain. That is to say you are thorough and would make a great physician. To answer your question: I made my observation based on a point of view and I wrote about it as a matter of not being resigned or cynical. If I can be straight, you seem to say or suggest that WIADCA is the "disease". You can take this further and say that the organization is a cancer that must be excised or a bug that must be killed. Is this a correct interpretation of your point of view? I want to be clear before this discussion goes to a productive possibility.
Mr. Hinkson
You have only now begun to ask the questions whose answers will provide you with a chance of success if "you" have the stomach for it. Any group or enity within a body can become a "disease" or exhibit desase like quailities when not kept in check. So the question is - is the disease WIADCA, the city environment, the steelband associations, the steelband leaders, the players, the fans or even you?

I think you have covered all the bases. As a human being I readily acknowledge my imperfections so I have compassion for myself and others. I may be rather ignorant of issues for which you have tremendous insight. I am not asking to be blindsided. So some honest purging can benefit the situation.

But I am not inclined to make anyone wrong simply because making people (or organizations) wrong freezes the action, shuts down channels of communication and diminishes opportunities for what's possible. The challenge ultimately is to have adult conversations about completing the past and creating what's possible for the future. That's a game worth playing in any aspect of life. And you can count on me for being on the court.
Well Mr. Hinkson, I look forward to your success. My comments were not about imperfections in you. I don't know you. It was about the lack of the presence of someone like you in this conversation.

It is good that you come into the situation with a fresh and untainted perspective. It will allow you to see things differently than the rest of us.

I would recommend that you simply meet with the WIADCA officals and other involved parties to discuss your observations and expected changes.

Thanks for your engagement and your recommendation. I will follow through on your recommendation and will keep you abreast.


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