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FIRST OF ALL, let me state my credentials. I was a stageside member of Desperadoes from 1980 to1991, during which time I performed at all 12 Panorama competitions. I also participated in two Musical Festivals – 1986 and 88.

So even if I’m not now participating, I’m following because, to me, Panorama is the greatest musical extravaganza on Earth. Where in the world can you find so many bands in a truly indigenous music festival?

The instruments are made by Trinidadians-Tobagonians, the music composed and arranged by Trinidadians-Tobagonians, and performed for the most part by Trinidadians-Tobagonians. All ingredients/components are Trinidadian-Tobagonian. Isn’t that fascinating?


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Is the writer condemning 'sampling'? Does sampling suggest 'laziness'? When ppl call for 'foreign' judges, do they mean Americans, Chinese, Germans or WestIndians who have studied music and have been involved in steelbands?

He is referring to "quoting"...A common device employed in arranging, composing and improv...Nothing new...Much ado about nothing...

The matter of sampling copyrighted music is not "much ado about nothing". It is a practice that is fraught with legal ramifications; and I advise our arrangers, composers and performers to acquire a good understanding of what is involved in the practice so that they can continue to use samples without being sued by record labels and publishers/composers. I thank Mr. Holder for sharing his thoughts.

"Quoting" is not "sampling"...

For my edification, respectfully, apart from semantics, what is the difference?

"Quoting" in music terms is use of an existing melody, even chord progression to enhance an arrangement...As in the case of "Here comes the bride" etc..."Sampling" on the other hand refers to using an existing melody in the writing a new song. As in the case of Kernal Roberts and "It's Carnival" where he composed a new song using Cindy Lauper's melody for "Time after time"...

As far as copyright issues go I believe permission is advised where sampling is concerned. Quoting is less of a problem, since usually just a few lines of a tune is involved. Quoting takes place all the time in improvisation too...

Thank you, sir.

I doubt anybody is going to sue a steelband for a musical quote. Did any lawsuits come about when Pan in the 21st Century/Down Memory Lane was held? Or when a stage side goes on a playout with a whole repertoire of covers? 


So how could Mr. Eddie Holder find fault with the performances and even associate the word "LAZY" with these MUSICAL GENIUSES?

But of course few on THIS FORUM would be surprised to know that I like the part when he asked this question: "... but what does Here Comes the Bride have to do with the story behind Hookin Meh?"

And then when he explain THE CALYSPO to the ARRANGERS (ah had ah BALL): "Essentially, Farmer Nappy’s song is about a man begging his wife/partner not to “mash we ting.” He’s pleading to save the relationship, not making a marriage proposal?"

Well ah hope allyuh eh miss this part: "... we’ll have to ensure there’s a good product going forward and to me there’s a disturbing trend in Panorama which could water down the brandy and make it tasteless over time."

I could suggest another term for "WATERING DOWN THE BRANDY" ... but I will just go back to thIs question the author asked: "but what does Here Comes the Bride have to do with the story behind Hookin Meh?"

Invaders opened with "Here Comes the Bride" and Renegades used the "Wedding March"


Thank you Bugs.

Btw neither are copyrighted.

Personally , I was extremely impressed by the arrangers creativity in making enjoyable and entertaining panorama pieces from those soca hits which , though quite enjoyable and great party music, were not really created with the steelband in mind.


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