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THE battle is on tonight for pan supremacy. Sides in the medium and large conventional bands compete in the finals at Queen’s Park Savannah from seven o’clock. Starting with the medium band category, first up will be Pan-Demonium to take centre stage to play Cheers To Life arranged by Akua Leith.


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R u guys carrying it live?

Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Large bands are Supernovas, Silver Stars, Starlift, Skiffle, Tropical Angel Harps.
Extra Large bands are Renegades, Despers, All Stars, Exodus , Invaders and Phase 11.
The judges judge the Extra Large.
The medium?? Too small.

 we have a battle royale every year

 dont forget it will be better than last year and last year was better than 2015

 we will hear the usual experts after the results

Bernard,cntn world may carry it check them out

May the best Pan win.


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