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by Sharmain Baboolal

Good morning all,
In light of the fact that Pan Trinbago made all single Pan bands go straight to the final, and in light of the fact that Pan Trinbago added 2 bands into the small category of the final making it 16 bands, and in light of the fact that Pan Trinbago intends to increase the medium and the large category finals to 12, all in celebration of the diamond jubilee of Panorama, the executive of Pan Trinbago made a decision to increase the number of bands for the 21 and Under Category final this Sunday.
This means that the next 2 placements will be added to the finals. Granted that there was a tie for 12th position, it means that *13* bands will now be moving into the final on Sunday.
With the fact that the first 10 bands having drawn playing position yesterday, a further decision was mad to have band #1 begin at position #4 (Supernovas Youth). This means that there will be a draw this morning for Position 1-3 and that will be communicated to the bands.
Good luck to all bands going into the final round of competition!
(The above is from Pan Trinbago.)

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