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Panorama exclusive broadcast rights only worth TT$125,000 and TnT Carnival overall TT$500,000?

Steelpan Body gave/sold broadcast rights to CNMG - Panorama exclusive broadcast rights only worth TT$125,000 and TnT Carnival overall TT$500,000?

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Amongst the self-congratulatory accolades, a somewhat remarkable bit of information was revealed as When Steel Talks (WST) took in the press conference as Trinidad and Tobago ministers gave their post-carnival summary. Not being in a position to pose any key questions, WST sat and listened. And listened. You know the old adage, talk less, listen more, learn a lot. Mind you, WST was only listening in to see if there would be any follow-up or mention, of the internet/Pay-Per-View debacle over last weekend. There was none.
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Pan Trinbago was caught between a rock and a hard place. Could Pan Trinbago have actually have said no to CNMG without suffering a major backlash from the government who funds them? This is sad day for pan. The problem here is that Pan Trinbago allowed their product to be devalued. How can they now go to say a VH1, Show Time, MTV or HBO and try to establish or negotiate a different deal? As for the other entities involved, Mas and Calypso this is total madness.
I feel Pan Trinbago has sold pan lovers in Trinidad and around the world down the river. We trusted you to give us the opportunity to view the Olympics of steelband, that is Panorama, even if we had to pay for it, but instead you allowed yourself to be bought. This is very sad. I feel that if you are worth your salt you would have stood up to CNMG instead of seeking your own interest. Lets hope that this does not set a trend for the future.
Very disappointed!!!!!
Diana Gordon
With so many organizations all over the world like Verizon FIOS needing content for their entertainment divisions this is criminal.
Once again dey let us down....Can dey do anything right? Shame on dem.
Not to point fingers, but we elected new leadership for Pan Trinbago but sadly this exposes a major defeciency.
Pan Trinbago needs to hire professionals who can negotiate for/promote/market the product.
This should not diminish leadership, all progressive organizations adhere to this formula.

There is an open market for entertainment content on the web and TV - Pan should be able to capitalize on it.
Revelations about the sale of broadcast rights to CNMG-"Panorama exclusive-broadcast rights for TT 125,000", raise questions about Pantribago's new leadership, particularly after all the noise last year about the agencies potential to do business. It should not be surprising that the quality of service was so poor.

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pan jumbie Feb 19

Thank You !.............kindly, for the article. I can always rely on WST for comprehensive and insightful pan information. Clearly the legacy of colonialism is alive and
well, playing in the band.....'NEW MILLENIUM
-2020 VISION' .
The PREYING continues while i become numb; as I
watch the intelligencia(multi-degreed)further
their standard of living at the peril of their
own culture.
HOW can anyone have respectfor you or your
culture if you demonstrate a negligible
appreciation for it ? What are the messages
being sent by persons in position of leadership.
KURT is correct............dey too brite .
Clearly, the halls of academia should consider
mandating that integrity be taught as a
pre-requisite for leadership.

SHAME ! SHAME ! and more of the same.........on
the Cartel(cnmg/tuco/pan trinbago/ncc/ncba).

Pan Jumbie

Kelly Feb 19

This is a classic case of incompetence, arrogance and corruption. Unfortunately, at the end of the day only the common person will suffer.



David Edwards Feb 19

Wow, this is amazing! How could this happen with no one raising an objection? I am both fascinated and appalled that this is where things are in 2010.




Angela Haynes-young Feb 19

I guess the Goverment of the day has the right to contract who they want to broadcast national programs, But please ensure the commentors know their history and have the proper information
have them do their home work - Don't call the
sailor dance by the incorrect name neither did
it to our old mass character , imagin calling
jab jab jumbalassies, and the frie man stoking
the fire in the sailor dance was called
scrubbing the deck.
heaven help me the first year i did not play
mass after nineteen years, and i was subjected
to utter rubbish I belive they were moor
intrested in the ads for the comdey show.


Jeff Stoughton

Sell the rights to The Travel Channel (USA) next time, they will pay top dollar !!
Feb 19 at 12:48am ·


Joanne Clarke
Joanne Clarke
Jeff, you so right.
Feb 19 at 3:03am ·


Marlene Skeete
Marlene Skeete
Great Marketing Knowledge?
Feb 19 at 8:24am ·
This makes absolutely zero business sense. What was Pan Trinbago thinking? Why would you purposely devalue your product? What exactly is the Trinidad government up to? Why doesn't Pan Trinbago hire some professionals from outside of Trinidad to represent them?
WST there seems to be a misunderstanding here, the actual cost for the overall broadcast rights for Carnival as stated by the Minister was TT$2million. TT$500,000 was disbursed to the 3 interest groups and the NCC. While I may have a problem with the figure, I understand why it is so low. More than that however I am happy that we are moving in this direction.

You may or may not know that in this country the media houses usually charge you to broadcast your event as opposed to the real world where the Broadcaster evaluates the value of your product, bids for the broadcast rights and then puts their marketing plan in place to make a profit on the product.

All I have to say to the local broadcasters who are complaining is, welcome to the real world. CNMG you are moving in the right direction, the sum is still low, but the idea is right. The situation will only change when the media houses change their "culture" and become more competitive in their bidding for broadcast rights.
Mr. Carter:

Please pay attention. I did, when I was looking at CTNTWorld, when minister Marlene McD. gave her official address, and then the other two ministers had their say, and took questions after. Now If you saw the press conference, and listened attentively, then you would perhaps know the following.

According to the minister, the broadcast rights were bought by CNMG - and will be paid out to the interest groups, in the amount of $500,000. That's going to be their "income." This is what they were "negotiated" down to.

Production costs as footed by CNMG, which have absolutely nothing, nothing at all, to do with the 500,000 - were one and a half million.

There is no such thing as "overall broadcast RIGHTS" as you put it costing 2 million. That is not how the calculation is done.

Secondly, your comment about the "local broadcasters who are complaining" is also inaccurate. There was NEVER A BIDDING PROCESS ALLOWED. So said the minister again, in his own words at the press conference - the WST people put that in their article, to make that clear. So the local broadcasters who are complaining, whoever they are, never got a chance to throw their hat in the ring to bid.

Is this so hard for you to understand? It was plain english. The misunderstanding is on your part.
Hi Korey, my bad, the misunderstanding was on my part. I went over the article again and yes you are right about the $500,000 payment. Unfortunately I was a little misled by the headline in the Express "CNMG: It cost us $2m for the broadcast". Secondly, while I agree that the process should be open to tender as in the real world, I may be wrong but I do not remember the local broadcasters complaining that there was no tendering process, they expected business as usual.

Bugs, I agree with you that the bidding should be competitive, and not be in the hands of the Government. As I said before I do not agree with the sum paid, but in principle do you not think that it is time that the interest groups become self sufficient. Would it not be nice for Pan Trinbago (or TUCO, or the NCBA) to say that based on our income from broadcast rights and sponsorship we achieved a profit of $5million on all our shows? Or don't we believe in self sufficiency.

My point is simple, in the real world broadcast rights amount to the most significant revenue stream for producers, followed by sponsorship and whether there are collective bids or individual negotiations for the rights to broadcast the greatest show on earth, this I maintain is the direction in which we should be heading.

KC who would not want self sufficiency for Pan Trinbago? So, again, why would Pan Trinbago sell or give its broadcasting rights away for peanuts?



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