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What can be done to have a shorter and Successful Show.

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Ian, This is the solution to the problem.

I have no problem with the length of the Panorama show because after it is over you hardly if at all hear any steelpan music on any of the many Radio Stations we now have in T&T

@Bede and Hollis, Points taken

Absolutely correct Hollis.

I experienced the 2014 Panorama courtesy of carnivaltv.net and it was just beautiful. It started at midnight local time here in Germany and I managed to see the complete line up of the Medium Size Orchestras till 4 o'clock in the morning. Of cause I can't say anything about the situation in the Savanna, but for me as an outsider the transmission was just perfect. I was impressed by the breathtaking efficiency during the changing of the bands. And carnivaltv gave us very interesting infos between the acts. I can't imagine I would be able to concentrate on a band on such a high level if they do it blow by blow and I'm an experienced listener. Thanks again TnT for this powerful world class musical event! WerNer (Ex-Captain of CalypsonicSteelOrchestra)

I don't have a problem with the timing I enjoy it, if they where to get medium on another day do we think people will buy the ticket to come out. What i think can happen is do the stage in a way where two bands can set up, I went to a pan event with hundred plus players and they did two stages in a way where no matter where you sit you can see both stages clear. 

Simple...have two stages A and B .While one band A is performing ,the other band B is setting up.After performance , that band exits the stage and the next band is ready toe play while another band replenishes the empty stage. Thus , there will be always two bands ready and save time and cut show time..

Recipe for distraction and confusion, winston! Only a revolving stage can mend this problem, outside of removing the medium bands to another night, and that to me is a no, no.

I know this may raise concerns but after a long intense prelims and semi-finals, do we really need 11 bands in the finals?

I would say force the arrangers to present their best earlier in the game so we can have the best 6 or max 7 bands for the finals. Then if we start on time and limit the transition time between bands, with penalties if they go over, this could cut at least 4 hours off.

Now we have arrangers making last minute changes on the drag to get advantage over earlier judged bands.

Congrats to Boogsie and other contestants....

I personally think the changeover times are quite quick. Its a longstanding tradition which on a whole heightens the experience as a spectator and a performer. Endurance is key. Aside from seperating the days medium and large compete in finals, I can't see there being a resolution. Next people will complain its too loud.....

In the Medium Bands the change-over was flowing But the big bans took a long time to LEAVE the stage especially Exodus. Those people are worth ingnoring I can bet you that they never go to a prelim only to FETE in North Stand, then they come on Final day to complain about the length of time it takes. Having spent NIGHTS in Arima South-central and P-O-S, I was not able to go to Tobago pity at that, I Certainly Do Not Care How Long It Takes.

Pan-Yards have hell with some people already ask Wire with Fonclaire and a man around there actually taking them to court.

Someone once mentioned that they should scrap the Medium tBands and let the Large Bands play two pieces (1) their tune of Tune of Choice and another Calypso like a Test Piece Calypso. I think that is a Great Idea.


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