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What can be done to have a shorter and Successful Show.

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How ridiculous is that suggestion. How will that shorten PANORAMA and how is that Panorams Steups

Personally I do like to listen to the Small and Medium Bands very much, because they are an inspiration for us outside of Trinidad. When we have the UK Panorama in London - which is in a way the current European Panorama - bands are medium size at most. It will take a long time till we can establish a Large Band over here. And till then Small & Medium is beautiful.

In the life of PANORAMA I have missed SEVEN. That is how it long it took me to heal after my mother died. I want to know if all the people who complain about the Panorama being to LONG what part of the PANORAMA they atttend and I will bet you they only attend the final to listen to THEIR BAND how stupid tunnel vision is. A Wealth Of Talent Is Ignored so people can go to the savanah to hear these Four big bands then leave. I DO NOT CARE IF THAT PANORAMA ENDS THE SAME TIME IT STARTED ON THE NEXT DAY.  Half of those people who sit in the grand stand DO NOT CARE.  I befriended a man four years ago HE CAME TO PANORAMA 6/SIX WEEKS after leaving hospital sitting in a WHEEL CHAIR, he had to be supported out of there this morning ADAMANT TO BE THERE NEXT YEAR. Put up or be still. If you have no positive solutions LEAVE PANORAMA as it is. Who do not want to be there STAY HOME

Sarah-Ann, I for one have been in Panorama since 1963, Panam won with "Dan is the man in the van" so I went through all those late days and nights also. It's just that with modern Tech' we can speed up the process, that's all we are asking for.

All year round we go to fete till 4.00 am then go home to sleep, no problem. This is carnival and nobody wants sleep, that's what it's all about. We are being treated with some sweet steelband music for Panorama and until we can have a revolving stage, let's leave it as it is. Should we remove the medium bands from the main night, where would we put them? Sunday night, or together with small and single pan bands? A little late night never kill nobody!

Junior. The Large Bands alone can carry the show. Most people come to really hear the Large Bands anyway. I am saying that we must get rid of the Medium Bands altogether. They can have the Medium Bands on another night. Supporters cannot endure nearly nine hours of Pan just to facilitate the Medium Bands. It's unfair to them.

There is only one solution: stage four category finals on different days at different venues, leaving Carnival Saturday night for large bands only. 

When single pan bands remained pan-round-the-neck, there used to be a well-attended, on-de-road finals in downtown POS. Now that that mobility does not exist (all pans are on wheeled racks), there is need for a fixed venue for this category. Currently, the single pan bands' finals are lumped with small conventional bands at Skinner Park in San Fernando on the Monday night before Carnival.

I suggest the single pan finals can be staged in Couva or Chaguanas (car park of Ato Boldon stadium might be an option). Small conventional finals can stay at Skinner Park. Put the medium bands finals in Arima at the Larry Gomes stadium, maybe on Carnival Thursday night, with the grand finals (large bands) on Saturday night at the Savannah.

This way you take pan back to the communities, spreading them out in terms of days (or nights) and venues, with the premier even staying in the Savannah. More venues, more people, more or less same costs, but with the prospect of greater revenues.

In relation to time, with three bands playing in an hour, or seven in two hours, each final should last no more than four hours.

Raffique panorama should not have small, medium and large band categories. This system watered down the competition.

Hello folks, do you know how many of the 14  Medium bands that performed last night were in the LARGE  CATEGORY at some point in time,?  at least 9. EARLY  PANORAMA  DAYS, there was only  1 category, the less established Bands complained. ALL THIS TALK IS WHAT KEEPS THE PANORAMA ALIVE. 

Very good idea Raff. This is one of the things that could be tried. The large Bands Finals alone can subsidy whatever Losses that may occur by having the Medium Bands play on other night.
Hear how this system will save time. One large goes on Stage plays their Two pieces and leave, this will happen in a shorter time than if Two Bands have to come on a Stage and Set up their Bands. You get two pieces for the price of one. It's simple Maths and less time consuming and at the end of the Night You will save nearly Two hours. There are other changes that could be tried but we just can't continue with this long drawn out Process. Some people left their Homes at 5pm On Saturday and reached Home 7 am today over 14 hours. This is Ridiculous.

whoever says that the time it takes to change over from one band to the next as "part of the experience", and that delay is important… that's ridiculous.  

Here's a solution.  Instead of having Single Pan and Small band one day, and Medium and Large the other day, put Single Pan with Large on Saturday, and run Small and Medium earlier.

I know how many feel about Jumbotron and running two stages.  But mix up two events that have better balance of set-up time.


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