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Well this year they send ah stream jumbie fuh we.


What a Load of CRAP. Anyone would think the way these Radio Stations are having trouble broadcasting, panorama was some spontaneous lime that only just happened by accident. Not something that happens every year at carnival. No one it seems to have had the foresight to book more broadband server time to cope with the demand.

WACK's Stream is playing in staccato.

i95 stream is the same with the added left channel only and it seems this was the choice of WST to link we up wid dis S---t

What a shambles!

I suppose I should not really be surprised. Both WACK and i95 share the same incompetent streaming company.

Don't ask about Radio Trinbago (bunch of jokers, JUMPTV turned out to be).

I think the only way anyone (EXPAT Trinbagonians) will ever get close to the action will be to visit Trinidad in person.

The Expat is just not being catered for. If this is considered the best we can do as a nation then developed nation status is decades away.

Why don't they just face facts? These days everything costs and is no good trying to do it on the cheap.

I would not mind a paid subscription service if it meant an un-interrupted one with high quality sound reproduction.


Or Am I in a minority of one?

Comeback  W V D I  all’s forgiven.


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Yes Randisc the  online feeds were all horrible.  Luckily, WST provided links to many of the stations that broadcasted the panorama so as one failed I was able to move to a different one.  The experience was almost as bad as dealing with CMNG last years.

Pan Trinbago needs to take steps to make sure that its name and product (Panorama) is not hurt internationally by these unprofessional miss steps.

The panorama semi finals proved once again that not one of these organizations can deliver quality or professional services.


I feel the same Radiotrinbago WAS an accomplishment and a lifeline for those of us here and away....It such have been subsidised...... Non commercial, Pan for the people and old time Kaiso thoings we couldnt hear else where,...... sadly Even here In Tobago we could not watch via t.v. or internet No reception of Gayelle either and ro reception of Tobago tv in Trinidad People it IS Trinidad AND Tobago not "OR" like we really dont love our own time to step up as it was even last year..PLEASE!

I totally agree with you on the unpreparedness of the broadcasting stations - radio and tv in Trinidad. THIS HAPPENS EVERY YEAR!!!   I was prepared to pay to see and hear the semis with Jump tv but I got burned by them before this so I was  NOTgoing that way again.  The best broadcast was through Power102fm.  It was clear - the announcers were credible and there was no stoppage at all.  I listened to all night right up to Birdsong and was able, by the reception, to be right on the money as to who came 1st to 8th.  I felt Invaders should have come higher but was kinda satisfied with who got in except in the case of Skiffle bunch.  I woulda put them before Deltones or Soundsetters.  

Anyway people - try out the web site www.power102fm.com - for the finals. They play good calypsoes, popular soca and steelband not like Wack that plays sh*t all the time.


If I were in charge I would be withdrawing almost all broadcasting licenses until Trini radio stations were constantly giving perfect reception nationwide and for the idiots in charge that means Tobago as well. It's not like the two islands are so big or far apart it cannot be achieved. We are in the 21st centuary. We have oil revenue, don't spend it on foreign policemen and forget the tourist industry.

They should also incurr a hefty fine for playing Reggae. Don't get me wrong some reggae is quite nice but: it is not our music.

If people want reggae they should play it at home. Only Calypso, Soca and Steelband should be coming out of our stations especially at this time of year. 

THA should demand that this is addressed immediately.



Maybe those stations are bootleg radio stations because some of those stations cannot be heard in some places and some people haven't even heard about them right in trinidad much less to get a good feed over the net but you know what that's all we have speaking for those who live abroad like myself remember when wlib left the airways in new york how we felt so please don't withdraw their licenses lol.

This is just one of many frustrations, we expats confront when we look at the overall quality of life in  Tand T . I have a long list, every time I come to Trinidad  I shake my head in disbelief at the array of things that are so far from improvement, from the lack of water in certain parts of the islands,key streets in Port of Spain are sorely in need of repair. The outrageous cost of simply going to certain events. As a world Traveler I have been to Brazil during their Carnival, and the cost of going there is actually almost the same (also a travel consultant) as going to Trinidad as we get closer to the event. The hotel and bed and breakfast rates border on embarrassment. We have a beautiful country and our Carnival is a grand experience, but greed and callous indifference is turning so many people off.



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