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My Beloved Pan Family. Do You all have any Suggestions that will Help Save or even Make Panorama Better?  From Judging - Length of Panorama, Live Streaming and over all Presentation. ''We cant keep going on like. We Need Changes Now. 

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One of my pet peeves,is points system,10 bands 269-289 and 3 bands tied with the same points,all winners in their own right.

 My Humble Opinion. The First Change should be the Judging System. There should be a Pool of Judges. Every Year there should be a fresh set of Judges. There should also have different Judges for the Semi Finals and a Different Set of Judges for the Finals. Arrangers should also be given the Freedom to be Creative instead of being Governed down by any Criteria. Judges must not be able to dictate how a Panorama Piece Must sound, most of them have never even Arranged a Panorama Piece.  Arrangement should be Eighty Percent 80% of a Panorama Piece, with Performance and Rhythm making up the  Hundred.

Val can you name one band that has been consistently denied a Panorama win over the last decade that deserved it?


Bugs To be Honest I will have to say Three Bands Exodus - Invaders and Fonclaire, not necessary in that Order.

Well there is a problem. I don't think Invader or Fonclaire has ever been better than Phase ll or All Stars even once in the last ten years. And I am not necessarily a fan of either band.


Bugs My Bro. Who would You say. ''Renegades or Exodus.  All right.    '''RENEGADES''''

You see Val the judges are not a major problem. Duvone has Renegades knocking on the door. It just a matter of time for him and Renegades. All Stars and Phase II are like Michael Jordan to them. They will never beat them. They are simply not good enough as presently constituted.  We can't just change the judges because we don't like the results. You have to ask are the other bands consistently year after year better than All Stars and Phase II? They are not.


i have a few suggestions,get rid of the small band category,this makes no sense except for panmen to collect $1000.00 dollars plus prize money.cancelling this category would hopefully add to the large bands,which we badly need.cut down on the amount of single pan bands,judge prelims in the yard,60 odd bands too much.some bands use excessive amount of percussion to make up numbers.for the large bands not more than 100 players and have people other than pan trinbago members counting.

A very readable topic. I like the suggestion of Lloyd Mc.Kell best. Bede that suggestion reduces the bands from 20 to 15 on the final night. Salah's points to me also has merit as well as A. L Nunes. Many feel like you that single pan should be in the museum lol. My final straw with them is...forget 32 going to the semis from 70 and 16 going to the finals from the 32. Judge all of the in their pan yards as was done before and select 10 for the finals.  Many players from the eliminated 60 will go back to  their conventional bands that are scanty since many conventional band players are the ones hiring out their services for single pan bands to have their numbers.

My thoughts are that somewhere between Roger Simpson's and Gerard Clarke's contributions lie the answer to what has now become an "age old" panoramic mess.I'd like to add that Medium bands should have their own night and Large bands should definitely have a night of their own.Also,large bands should be given 10 minutes to do their thing once again.Lastly,a Pan Trinbago committee should start scanning the Globe to find judges who are musically sound and unbiased and maybe create a "bank" of these individuals to be re-cycled every 2 years or so.

Maybe I am not on the same page.  I am all for improving panorama for local audiences and visitors.  I am not sure that I am in favour of marketing Panorama internationally.  The show should be tightened up so that local support is continued through the generations and it evolves with the times.  


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