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My Beloved Pan Family. Do You all have any Suggestions that will Help Save or even Make Panorama Better?  From Judging - Length of Panorama, Live Streaming and over all Presentation. ''We cant keep going on like. We Need Changes Now. 

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-Move Single Pan to elsewhere in the year.

-Put Small/Medium/Large on the same day for semis and finals.

-Shorten the two weeks between semis and finals to one.

-Remove retro tunes from the conventional panorama and keep that in Single Pan. 

I like your ideas Noah. I would only add that the number of bands in finals should be reduced to 8 or 7 per category. The show is much too long now.

I really don't see the need or justification for three categories. The Tobago panorama this year was broken up into large, small and single pan. It worked very well.


I hear people say get rid of Medium and let the bigger ones move up and the ones struggling for players move down. Maybe not a bad idea. But reduce the size of large from 120 to 100 and maybe move small up from 60 to 70. 

I disagree with reducing finalists to 7 or 8. 10 is a good round number. It's carnival after all. Not like Soca Monarch or Dimanche Gras end early. If the show's too long, drink some coffee.

Coffee!! You're a mean man Noah! LOL... But dropping the number of bands in the Finals would make the Semi Finals much more interesting and significant.


I think it will be interesting enough by having more large bands via mediums that move up. And that would also mean a preliminary round which large hasn't seen in a long time.

Ok. I harped on this a few years ago. We need to speed  up the transition from band to band. Too much dead time. Implement and enforce, with points deductions, a reasonable time for a band to clear the stage and the following band to setup and be ready to go.

You start off with 10+ points towards your final score. As you flaunt the time limit, points are deducted. This is in line with the discipline Williams implored us to embrace.

Another way would be to implement some sort of revolving stage to have 2 bands at any one time set and ready to go. Look at the Super Bowl and what they manage to accomplish in their half-time routine.

Why remove "retro" tunes from any category in panorama? These "retros" are OURS.

Good topic Val,

If you keep putting the same judges and the same criterion of points distribution ...you will get the same results.

40% performance; 40% arrangement; 10% Rhythm; 10% Tone of pans.

Rhythm and Tone are redundant in my opinion ..( all bands have great Rhythm and rhythm is already in both performance and arrangement; all bands have good sounding pans - all pan tuners spread around tuning all the bands) ...so these two categories have passed their time.

More points should be allotted for the arrangement of the song.

The time line for the finals was way too long having both medium and Large stretches out  too long from at least 7:00pm to 4:00am Trinidad time is too ridiculous for a show .....besides you will not be able to market this long show internationally in a professional manner. A solution has to found for that.

Well said and to the point.  Move the medium band finals to Wednesday night. I am in total agreement with all your suggestions.

Yes, rhythm and tone are redundent. Performance should be broken down into seperate catagories: articulation, balance and rhythm.  And since size of the band and volume are not judging criteria, I do not understand why a small band with a good arrangement and good players can not compete against a large band.

Salah, the length of the show does not have anything to do with how many steelbands participate, small, medium or large. The length of the show has to do with fans and supporters being allowed to follow the bands on stage, assisting with the setting up of the band on stage. On average, a band will take at least 20 minutes to set up before the Judges and play for 8 minutes. If you multiply 20 minutes by 21 bands you get say 7 hours plus give and take another hour for announcements, etc, say 8 1/2 hours plus the playing time. That's a miracle Panorama on Carnival Saturday night ever finishes at all! This tradition has been going on for decades. It would be another miracle to explain to Trinis supporting their community steelbands why they should stop this ritual now. I wish youall luck!!

Bertel , I hear you loud and clear ....what I am saying is that rituals stay (I am all for that) but things evolve,  like the different categories came after years of complaining that more or less the same 10 large bands get to the final. There is no easy fix..but we have to find a way. For instance 10 bands using up a half hour ( in line with your calculations) gives a solid 5 hour show. ( Most shows abroad -  live broad cast - averages about  3 hours) So Trini style, a 5 hour show is cool  .....no problem ...it could be marketable internationally like that....but the best solution is probably to have these shows separated. ....Of course this is if we really want to try and professionally market at least one category .....other problems will still be there for dates and venues to do all the categories......but we need to look at the time factor and presentation if we are seriously thinking about international marketing of the panorama.


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