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Hopefully, Birdsong's performance of "We Kinda Music" will start to break the boredom of a competition  gone stagnant...

Andy Narel's treatment of this classic pan/jazz piece is highly commendable and should inspire other arrangers to get out of what is still a 'brim-bram'  approach to Panorama tunes.

True, given the Trini mentality, appetite and taste-buds, change will not come easily....

If Birdsong doesn't make it to the finals...somebody needs to "put ah hand."

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I agree!
Birdsong's presentation was a breathe of fresh air. Simply beautiful!

Silver Stars and Liam Teague were great! Liam Teague is a professor of music, not steelband music, but music! He was taught and developed his musicality in a North American environment. As such, his musical style via his arrangement for a local steelband may be lost on the local listeners and I daresay some of the judges. He is now a classical musician. Listening to him play the pan - solo - allows one to appreciate his genius. His musical arrangement for a full steel orchestra performing at Panorama is symptomatic of his training. 

Let's hope that with time, like Andy Narel, Professor Taegue's musical skills will impact precisely where it started...........in Trinidad and now, on arrangements for pan at Panorama. He has already confirmed his position as a maestro on pan. 

Errr NOT!,

John Henry, Liam Teague's skill set and classical leanings were developed before he set foot in North America. He was a violinist, in addition to a pan player, before he set foot on american soil. His mentors are classical, according to one of his bios that I read, BEFORE he went to NIU. His time at NIU has only refined his already established talents, and the Trinidad public and audiences was exposed to his classical influences before he ever went to America.

I told Cecil Hinkson this morning that they were going to PUNISH Andy tonight -- so said, so done!!!

Claude, you hear the results already? I am not into Jazz, but after hearing Andy put down that arrangement on "My kinda music" it makes me want to get into Jazz. This is one of the stiffest semi-final competition. (I did not hear all the bands) I heard "Renegades", (which sound like a winner), "Skiffle" (I didn't feel the music), Solo (was great), and Birdsong (was also great, but not for Panorama type competition) that's all the bands I heard.  

Andy come last!!! He is the least musically informed arranger in that Panorama, according to the judges.

"I told Cecil Hinkson this morning that they were going to PUNISH Andy tonight -- so said, so done!!!"

OK... so..... for the past few years Cordettes also had a foreign arranger - also a white guy - (not famous like Andy)

Nobody made any fuss about him, and his arrangement didn't win for them, they didn't even make finals. 

So did the judges also "punish" him?   -- or was his arrangement just not good enough, not "up to snuff'' so they came in at a low placement?

I was actually surprised - in a good way - at Andy's arrangement for Birdsong and thought it was much  better than last year, and much better than what i had expected.  But I still think it did not measure up to the highest scoring bands.


Does this "not famous like Andy" guy draw all the hate and disgust and jealousy that Andy draws? Did he tour the world like Andy "ambassadoring" for the pan? Did he reach that pinnacle of steelband excellence like Andy did? Did he spend his whole life in and around PAN like Andy did? I know the guy you are talking about and it is not even a vaguely fair comparison to seek shelter under that roof.

no he doesn't draw all the hate and disgust - that is my whole point. :)  When he did not win, nobody said he was being 'punished' - his arrangement just wasn't good enough.

I don't think Andy is being "punished" either - he may be famous and an excellent pan player, but he's just not a great arranger FOR PANORAMA.... just like that other guy  - who also didn't score high with the judges either - that doesn't necessarily mean he's getting 'punished' - his arrangement just wasn't that great.

I will concede to you because I have been PERSONALLY involved in this Andy debate for over 25 years ... long before the general public even heard about him. Putting him in last place was predesigned punishment and nothing short of it.

People can't preach music education and then when it hits them in the face suddenly CHANGE THE RULES OF ARRANGEMENT. 

ok well in that case then no, i will have to concede to you, cause you have insider information that i do not have. 

but still - Birdsong has been in last place for YEARS now, even before Andy arrange for them.

so i dunno.

so...  why do you think people have such a problem with him?  they don't seem to have a problem with, say, Dr Remy, also a white American who studied pan, has been in it for decades, and has become a well-respected member of the community, also arranging for large band in Panorama.

It's kinda funny that all the people who swear to love PAN so much just came of the HIGH of a long day of PANORAMA music and you are the only one with juices pumping to TALK PAN.

Which band do you think gave the best performance today? I hate ALL STARS they sound like they are playing a TEST PIECE and this is supposed to be carnival when JAM AND WINE is the order of the day.


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