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I love it!! Makes me smile/ Melody is Fabulous/ hope I see everyone at the Revue Tent in Jan. I'm staying home for Carnival ...
Not a bad tune for bands to play at panorama. Let's see how well it holds out against the other contenders.
Best song Crazy ever sung. Nice construction, good tempo and well crafted lyrics. This one is a winner in my book. The field is left wide open for pan arrangers to work fire up their creativity. I would bet on this tune being a huge success.
Typical pan song by DeFosto,bouncy, very melodic, nice riffs. Well done DeFosto! You will definitely set the panorama on fire in 2010.
I'm sure it will grow on me. Quick off the block though Congrats Fosto
Love it ! Very much in Crazy's genre Love it For Carnival congrats to Orthneil Bacchus it's a crazy Song
De Fosto always comes with a good tune, I expect that as usual he will be played by some of the big bands and the medium bands will go with it
Borng Boring
Yes very boring indeed,
I know what Chalkie means when he says Kaiso Gettin Horn.

Fast food rhythms. Meaningless words.
Childish tunes.

Are there any musical composers out there? Please save us from this drivel

If De Fosto always comes with a good tune, he's probably saving it to the end I hope.
I like "Smooth Sailing" and "Pan on Fire", Not sure on which one i would compete with, "For Carnival", sounds like a nice song to jam down di road wit. Waiting to hear more, but i'm feeling DeFosto's pieces...
I agree with you, I believe DeFosto has it in the bag.....tight, tight, tight. Not sure what to say about Crazy For Carnival....but I know for sure....I ain't staying home For Carnival. Never, ever.


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