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If you notice that Do So! Its just apart of live not all the time people agree on the same issues.
I am wit u korey, we have been too long with this Demi god attitude some of De Fostos songs sounds like he is quarrelling, chewing up his words and jumbling up his melody, a lot of people cyar face the truth, so they get derogotory as a defence when they are lost for words
you need a lesson in music mister korey.
Nice tribute to the Flag Woman, Valarie Greene, Kitchener's wife and mother of his creative children among Kernal Roberts, through whom Kitch continues to rule the road with with his dance _ PALANCE. As with many of recent De Fosto tunes - sprinkled with a plentiful supply of Kitchener's musical phrases and nuances.
tell dem brother Archer, tell dem.
I can fell Queens Park Savannah jumping to this, Raging storm is a big big tune. Pan by storm is the chant and I like the rant and rave reference to the old days. Desper's Coming down is another big tune, even the the grandstand will get on bad when this tune play. If I had to choose, its Desper's 'Jam dem desper's jam dem'
That Storm could blow down the savannah and finally give Fonclaire a victory. Really Nice.
I don't mind seeing the storm do that. I am still hurting from 1990 as I am still convinced that Renegades ent win dat 'rama, unless dey was countin from the prelims as Renegades was leading since then.
yo i think this is a hot song i think this song stands a good chance to be top song for panorama god bless and good luck Brant
from Bermuda
boy this is another great song from the master himself this is going to be very tough to judge from what i heard so fatr both songs by Defosto are great hot songs i feel both has great potentials hood luck from Brant from Bermuda
hi i have not been recieving anything from when steel talks . i would like to be kept informed on whats happening.

holly tjomas


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