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Waste ah time! Not withn that boogsie. Try again nextyear. We appreciate the tribute to 'lady pat'...but not with that...not in the panorama. Try again next year.

Glen I guess that you did not like Phase 2 tune. I would advise you to wait until the finals to make your judgement because what you hear in the prelims. and what you hear in the finals could be as night and day. Watch ah MASTER AT WORK.                                                 BOOGSIE RULES

I love all of Destra's songs Her Voice is so beautifull when hear it you have to listen very talented young lady

that song Breakaway will do some damage on the international air waves

luv it luv dis melody its like a jouvert jam.


You people have something against Arddin Herbert and Invaders? In your list

I saw almost every panaroma song played by almost every steelband in the finals...EXCEPT...'You know I like it' composed by Arddin, sung by Rembunction and PLAYED RIGHT THROUGH THE COMPETITION by CAL Invaders! A band that has been around almost from inception! Watup wit dat?


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