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The final13 Conventional Steelbands will be judged on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd February in the West.

Starting at the Water Wheel Compound panyard, Diego Martin, Panatics will perform its Panorama tune, ”People Are People”, composed by Ray Holman and sung by Designer (Keith Prescott). The other bands being judged are West Stars (Diego Martin), Merrytones Diego Martin), Cocorite West Wind (Cocorite), St. James North Stars (St. James) and Blue Diamonds (George Street Port of Spain).

On Tuesday 3rd, the last of the Small Conventional Bands will face the adjudication panel. Starting with Casablanca at Belmont Circular Road, the judges will visit Pandemonium, Crescendoes Musical, Highlanders, Xpress 21 and Morvant Ebonites in that order. (see listing below)

Monday 02nd February 2009
Panatics Water Wheel Compound, DGM People Are People Keith Prescott
West Stars Water Wheel Cottage, North Coast Rd
Diego Martin Just Right Anthony Johnson
Merrytones 1 Bagatelle Road, DGM D Trini Way Destra Garcia
Cocorite West Wind Waterhole Road, Cocorite Musical Vengeance Anslem Douglas
St. James North Stars Bombay Street St. James Wild & Wonderful Olatunji
Blue Diamonds George Street, Port of Spain Slippery Ann Kitchener

Tuesday 03rd February 2009
Casablanca 31 Belmont Circular Road, Belmont Dangerous Anslem Douglas/
Colin Lucas
Pandemonium 3 Norfolk Street, Belmont Wild & Wonderful Olatunji
Crescendoes Musical Belmont Play This One Roderick Gordon
Highlanders Williams Street, EMR. Laventille Pan On Ice Natifah Phillips
Xpress 21 Old St.Joseph Road, Laventille Madness Skatie
Laventille Serenaders St Babbs& Laventille Road, Laventille Wild & Wonderful Olatunji
Morvant Ebonites Dos Santos Street, Morvant Enough Eunice Peters
Semi Finalists in Conventional Band categories will be announced after the opening of the Panorama score sheets on Wednesday 4th February at City Hall, Knox Street, Port of Spain. Tobago bands will be announced simultaneously at Pan Trinbago Tobago Region office, Scarborough.

Tickets for Panorama National Semi Finals (Savannah Party) go on sale on Tuesday 2nd February at the NCC Ticket Booth, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain and Skinner Park, San Fernando, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm daily.

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