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Hema Ramkissoon spoke with the President of Pan Trinibago Beverly Ramsey Moore on this year's competition.

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Like this is aTRUMP HEADLINE or what?

Where in that tape did it state that "PANORAMA WILL MAKE A PROFIT THIS YEAR" -- ah better go back and listen again!!!

"It can NEVER BE PROFIT" that is what I thought I heard she said!!!! Ah have to go listen again!!!

Somebody in cnc3 probably counted the spoils and came to a headline decision. Good effort PanTrinbago.

Claude, you are aware that Carnival rings in over 1 BILLION TT DOLLARS. So what is your beef about PROFIT from PAN TRINBAGO. Have you ever thought about the PROFITS made by BIG BUSINESSES? Some of the contributors to this forum are hell bent on seeing PanTrinbago fail. I do not know Ms. Ramsey Moore, never met her, but I must compliment her on the performance of her committee. Remember: "TWO MEN LOOKED THROUGH PRISON BARS,ONE SAW MUD THE OTHER STARS."

Keep up the good work

Thank you madam president for talking for pan players.

Aquil: Yuh falling for MORE BEVERLEY FALSE PROMISES? Yuh let me down!!!

I doh care how much profit they make for Panorama...I just want my band's prize monies for Jourvert Bomb competitions for the last four years...Including this year...

So it is OK to have an AGM and don't present audited reports and just say we couldn't afford to pay the auditors?

So it is OK to get a Forensic Report and just say bury it( and lie that you said so)? Take no action and wait on the government.

So it is OK not to pay panmen/panwomen for 2 years and call it Prosperity in Pan?

So it is OK to declare that you reduced the debt by 18 million and refuse to give details?

From where I stand, "The Emperor has NO CLOTHES"

Orson: Ah glad yuh eyes still open, boy -- and yuh could see the NAKED EMPEROR!!!

Ah just complaining how Aquil and Mercer and dem LET MEH DOWN joining forces in the CORRUPTION!!!

Merrytonestothebone yuh eh have NO INTEGRITY at all boy. Dey see you liming with me on THIS FORUM so they come and offer you ALL KINDS ah CARNAVAL GIGS to win yuh over and just like that you join the BEVERLEY BRIGADE with Cecil and Earl and Aquil and Mercer (Mercer is ah traitor, boy) and odw and Lennox (ah hope Patrick doh join allyuh).

Anyway, I eh too mind because just like that ah have ah NEW PAN FRIEND name ALEXICA Lxc ADAMS -- and when yuh talk about a WOMAN who know about PANORAMA MUSIC ... SHE IS AH BOSS!!!

So allyuh could go SO -- and I going SO with meh PANORAMA ANALYST!!!

Claude...I am no Beverly sympathiser...I doubt I ever will be...I am not a needy person either, not looking for love in lall the wrong places...We (Icewater) placed in the Jouvert Bomb competition in 2017 and 2018, won it in 2019 and appeared both at Park Street and St James this year...I'm hearing that $100,000.00 has been allocated to each zone for carnival competitions...Just pay me and I happy...


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