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After all the threats of a BOYCOTT, PANORAMA 2017 is warming up its engines and taking flight. No more PROTESTS or ANGER with PAN TRINBAGO.

DIAZ and FORTEAU are working hand in hand with the NCC to make this the GREATEST PANORAMA in the history of the STEELBAND.

At the end of the day (1/20/2017) KEITH DIAZ is still the PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO and DONALD TRUMP is the PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

Pan Man could protest in Port-of-Spain against KEITH DIAZ and PAN TRINBAGO all they want; and THE FAR LEFT could protest against DONALD TRUMP and the REPUBLICANS all they want.


So leh we enjoy we PANORAMA and then JUMP UP AND PLAY WE MAS!!!!


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Real Talk

The difference between protesters in Trinidad and the US, one is organized and the other is a pick-up side. With President “Pu**y Grabber” there’s video tape evidence of him saying how is going to “screw” the people, President De Azz there's documented evidence of him saying how he used to pay Pan People and get their money back. Pimpers paradise.

Some people can only see up to the tip of their nose. Old people saying "the longest rope has an end," depends on your version of reality.

Panorama is a ritual-a ritual of resistance, therefore it must happen. There is no reason why the voices which disagree with management cannot carry forward this burning issue to an early time after the ritual is complete. What we want to do this is a group of working hard people who have SINCERITY, VISION, AND ORGANIZING skills for SOCIAL JUSTICE.
My taste buds are ready to hear Pan play and play, although my sense of justice wants to see bad administrators of the organization put out of office, so we can rise in 2018 with a clean slate.

So wah yuh really saying: Diaz play he "Trump" card.


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