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PanTrinbago: Be prepared to give up something -- PanTrinbago boss pleads to panmen!!!

Newsday December 6th, 2018 Jada Loutoo

"I am sorry, our allocation is about $20 million and we definitely cannot pay [Pan Men]. If we have to maintain a prize structure of over $13 million, we definitely can’t ...."

THIRTEEN MILLION for THE WINNING STEELBAND LEADERS -- ZERO DOLLAR$ for the PAN PLAYERS. And don't forget that PAN TRINBAGO gets 1.3 MILLION$$$ from the $13 million.

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I'm absolutely gobsmacked!!


She can do NO WRONG for these posters here!!!

Claude:  You are so funny.  I'm not doing neither of those options.  No-one wants to say what they really think for fear of a backlash.  Well, that's not me.

Beverley doesn't fully understand the pan men's struggle.  Why should they have to give up something?  They give up all of their evenings to learn the pan tune, some even miss school the next day due to late practices.  What more should they give up?  They've given up enough!!.

Back in the day when pan men were not paid to paly for Panorama, everyone was happy but now that payment is supposed to be given to them, that money is a problem.  1 wonder how much money the Panorama brings to Carnival each year and if there was no Panorama, would Pan Trinbago and Carnival suffer? 

I'm like a cockroach, I'm going nowhere!!

"Give up something"?....

Of course...We could always give up Panorama for the next two years...How about that?...

 "I wonder how much money the Panorama brings to Carnival each year and if there was no Panorama"

Under Keith Diaz leadership in 2016 gate receipts was estimated at over $10 million....then in 2017 it was reduced to $3 million. Looks to me like attendance dropped in 2017, how they came up SHORT? Funny accounting maybe.

Govt closes financial tap

NCC to col­lect pan gate re­ceipts

The Min­is­ter said some of the dras­tic changes to come in­clude al­low­ing the NCC to now col­lect the gate re­ceipts from tick­et sales at Panora­ma.

"We will no longer be giv­ing Pan Trin­ba­go mon­ey. Prize mon­ey, mon­ey for sup­pli­ers and mon­ey for re­mit­tances for pan­men will now be made avail­able to the NCC," she said.

Apart from the mil­lions in sub­ven­tions the or­gan­i­sa­tion re­ceives from the State, Gads­by-Dol­ly said, Pan Trin­ba­go al­so gets all the mon­ey re­ceived from the gate from the sale of tick­ets.

She said: "We are tak­ing steps to put a val­ue on that be­cause it has been neb­u­lous and vague over the years. But this mon­ey was meant to help Pan Trin­ba­go."

She said un­of­fi­cial es­ti­mates put the fig­ure for gate re­ceipts for Panora­ma com­pe­ti­tions at over $10 mil­lion for 2016.


Dec 2017

Pan Trinbago has retained control of the sale of Panorama tickets, after Justice Vahiest Kokaram ruled in their favour in the matter it brought against the National Carnival Commission (NCC).

He also ordered the NCC to repay Pan Trinbago the $3 million collected from this year's pan semis and finals.This, as Justice Kokaram said Pan Trinbago had a legitimate expectation of that power as they have been allowed to do so for the past 20 years by a Cabinet decision which was taken by the Panday regime in 1997.


odw:  so am I right in assuming that the MoU turned everything around and enable NCC to not only attain the gate receipts for Panorama but also get 20% of the Government monies which are given to Pan Trinbago?

Somewhat, the MOU came about because of what was happening at the time...

For­mer ex­ec­u­tive mem­ber of Pan Trin­ba­go By­ron Ser­rette con­firmed that the steel­band or­gan­i­sa­tion has a huge out­stand­ing debt.

Ser­rette is no longer on the ex­ec­u­tive as he re­signed late last year af­ter rais­ing con­cerns about mis­ap­pro­pri­a­tion of funds. He re­ferred to the fi­nan­cial au­dit of the or­gan­i­sa­tion which in­di­cat­ed that the out­stand­ing debt was $31 mil­lion.

Ser­rette said by is­su­ing bounced cheques the pan or­gan­i­sa­tion had com­mit­ted "an­oth­er fraud against the mem­ber­ship."

The bounced cheques is the lat­est in a string of fi­nan­cial wor­ries for the Pan Trin­ba­go un­der the lead­er­ship of Kei­th Di­az. There were pre­vi­ous al­le­ga­tions of the pur­chase of a lux­u­ry ve­hi­cle.

NCC, Pan Trinbago sign MoU for better accountability of funds

Peters said NCC won’t be taking over any of Pan Trinbago’s business such as payment of monthly staff.

He said regarding payments to pannists, there is a need to do an assessment of the bands and a system is being put in place to do that.

“We are only responsible for giving a subvention to Pan Trinbago, TUCO, and the TTCBA and that is what we are doing and with that subvention there has to be accountability for it. We weren’t satisfied with the accountability that was given so we are putting more stringent systems in place,” he said.

The arrangement is expected to cover the next three years.



She said Pan Trinbago will no longer have central executive’s members as employees of the organisation. Ramsey-Moore said the organisation has already cut back in rent and saved over one million on rental fees after being allowed to rent the building free for one year.

odw:  Thanks for the update.  Everything is a little more clearer to me.  I was at the court hearing in February 2017 regarding NCC/Pan Trinbago gate receipts issue but i couldn't recall how much money they are talking about.


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