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When will be a good time for us to start back talking about PanTrinbago Headquarters, the government said that they were going to complete it, I guess by now it must be nearing completion or they have not started as yet? what's the word pan people want to know.

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Why can't Pantribago build it themselves? Why do they have to wait on the government?

They had the money to build it before and they blew it, now they have to wait on big brother and big brother only promising.

Can't blame "big brother" for ONLY promising. You said it, they got the money and they blew it, so let 'big brother" take his cool time, another ten years won't make a difference, eh?

Good question it should happen long time ago

It will be completed on the 12th. of Never.

This is one of the reasons i support the NEW VISSIONARIES, without any fear of VICTIMISATION as most Pan Leaders are.This was not happening 25 years ago.

How can you the leaders of the Organisation be only Travelling to all parts of the world under the guise of exposing pan and your business right under your nose needs taking care of. People it was Prime Minister PANDAY   who gave us that piece of land, if i can recall about 10 acres. He gave $4,000,000.00 as requested by Patrick Arnold and the money went. 

The then Prime Minister was the Featured speaker and stated said in a Prize Giving function held at Queen's Hall, that the Government had given Pan Trinbago monies to construct their Headquarters and there was no accountability and Transparency within the Organisation and the Government could not give anymore unless there was proper accountability.

In the year 2010, the Government had an estimated cost of $15,000,000.00 which would have been put aside for OUR headquarters. But in May of 2012 Keith Diaz was approving a leases of our land to his Financial Advisor. Pinch allyuh self. All that Glitters is not Gold. When Diaz was challenging Arnold for President, this was one of his contencious points to show that Arnold was doing nothing for Pan.  together with $25,000,000. from the Government to run Pan trinbago's business and $11,000,000.00 from the Greens..Papayo!

It is alleged that he is doing like Ashford Jack did in Tobago, he must be planting plenty pumpkin and cucumber.

What I would like to know is why the government don't forget about PanTrinbago and finish the damn building. Everyone knows that when you put money in these guys hand what happens, I am waiting to see if they are going to put more money in their hands.

Finish the building for WHO? So much money passing through dem fellars hands and not a damn cent PUT ASIDE towards the construction of THEIR OWN BUILDING. Dem fellars ant children anymore, they BIG enough to learn to manage their own affairs. If the Government build that Building and Pan Trinbago dont contribute anything towards the cost this time around then we will be encouraging them to be more corrupt. Sad to say, that building would be finished already if the Syrians ran Pan Trinbago.(yuh notice ah did not say dem Indians from de east).

Trevor is that $4,000,000 part of the 7.5 million paid to the organisation to construct the building, when the NAR government got back money from the O'Halloran fiasco? And Bertel, it woulda finish not only if Syrian had it to do, but if Chinee and French Creole  had to do it too!!

No gerard, that $7,500,000.00 which was given by Prime Minister A.N.R.Robinson to Pan Trinbago during the era of

Owen Serrette went towards (1) Development and Research of the Steelband movement  and (2) the formation of PanVesco, the investment company of the Steelband movemen. Functioningt Bands would have gotten monies for further developments with soft interest repayments of the loan. the security was in the form of Assistance monies,. Prize monies or Appearance Fees which the band would sign giving authority for Pan Trinbago to pay PanVesco.  Presently, it appears that Pan Trinbago (this committee) are the ones taking loans by the millions, despite provisions by the Government and income from the "Greens"  and Bands have to REPAY the INTEREST, because they take out 10% from everything. Pan People please Open your Eyes..

Gerald, everytime I pass and see the state of that building, I get sick to the gut and I feel sorry for Pan, and to know that this present President got in on the mandate to finish the building, and to hear how much money cant be accounted for under his stewardship(alledged) I always wonder WHERE PAN GOING IN TRINI?!!!!! I say if they save/put aside 1 million dollars each year since recieving money from the O'Halloran Funds, that building finish already, but everybody there only studing how much they can get from the pot of GOLD. NO VISION!!! NO PLANS FOR THE FUTURE OF PAN!!!!

Gerard and Bertel, we have to blame the government for this situation because they just keep putting money in these guys hands. Somebody have to make ah jail for them to stop.

Damn if you do, damn if you dont. Cecil you know if the Government do not support and encourage the Pan culture EVERYONE will say 'D' Government doh like Pan', 'deh want to kill Pan', and a whole lot of negative stuff. So what do you do? And besides, the pan movement is a very large constituency in T&T, which Government you know will want to loose panman support especially around the elections time. But yuh right, somebody HAVE TO MAKE AH JAIL!!!!!!


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