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Pay-Per-View option coming soon for viewing Steelband Panorama 2010

Pay-Per-View option coming soon for viewing Steelband Panorama 2010

Trinidad and Tobago - If all goes according to plan, steelpan music lovers the world over should be able to opt for the Pay-per-view (PPV) option made available via CTNTWorld, part of the state-owned CNMG (Caribbean New Media Group) - this, according to iMedia Caribbean marketing exec Ian John. “From Monday (February 8) the Pay-Per-View will go live where they can actually make payments online,” John told When Steel Talks (WST). This is part of an ongoing initiative as “Pan Trinbago and the state are trying to maximize revenue, to cover some of the costs incurred,” John explained.

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It is all well and good to ask Trinidadians to pay for streaming of the carnival festivities. The question is how well would the reception be? It has been our experience that we pay the most and recieve the poorest reception. When this happens we are left holding the bag. Hopefully we will get what we are paying for.
Diana I agree with you. It all comes down to quality product being delivered. No one will complain if a great production is delivered. Somehow I fear this will not happen.
I am in total agreement with you. I will not be paying and what is worse they are asking for $80.00 in which currency.
Pay per view option - what option??? is there a station that is carrying streaming video over the net Free???, from what I read - CNMG has EXCLUSIVE rights?????
I think the other option is that you don't watch. I read through the article a few times trying to figure that out, and that's the only conclusion I could come to.
Yep the only other option is to go Trinidad and catch the panorama in person. I hope these folks can deliver.
I don't want to sound negative, but if this is going to be via the internet I can foresee bandwidth issues and users getting knocked out of a stream after paying for it...I hope I'm wrong.
My sentiments exactly! I have a sketchy internet connection as it is, so I am leery of paying and hoping that it all works right. I have a terrible premonition that I will just be watching pixelated and choppy video with audio that cuts in and out, and paying to do so! On the other hand, it's panorama how can I miss it!!!
I tried to get the Panorama Semi Final video feed from CTNTWorld, but all I got was the audio feed. And the audio quality wasn't that good.

Judging from comments on this forum, many others had the same problems.

I got better audio from WACK FM. It is a disservice to international pan and culture lovers that the Number one Trini Culture medium will not be allowed to provide an audio stream for the Panorama Finals and other Carnival activities

I don't think that CTNTWorld have in place a worldwide support network capable of providing a quality video feed of the Panorama Finals that's worth paying for.

I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD.
I just spoke with Verizon FIOS folks and they've informed me that they have recently received a huge surge of requests for a Caribbean station and that they were at a loss as to why. Of course I mentioned the event in TnT; now they are currently working on adding a Caribbean Station because so many customers are asking for it...so who knows...maybe in the future?

In the meantime, I will check with my parents because I believe DirectTV has two Caribbean stations (which are fairly new) and one of them covered the Pan-Jazz show in Trinidad last year; so maybe, just maybe they will cover the Panorama as well.
They won't be able to cover it. CNMG has exclusive rights to "Carnival Events" this year. Junior Panorama wasn't on local t.v. here, neither was the Red Cross Children's Mas. Both used to be shown locally.Carnival really sucks here, this year (except for pan!!). Many have commented on the poor soca tunes, and even what I saw of the calypso semis last night weren't up to par, for the most part.

Of course, single pan wasn't broadcast...never is. We only get radio. The conventional semis came on around 2 p.m., when it started at 9:30 a.m. (Cartoons were on, forget about culture or that it was kids playing pan!!) It's all about politics and power, folks. Welcome to our culture and learn how absolutely amazing it is, considering it all, that pan has flourished in this environment. After all, do you REALLY think the pannists will see much (if any) of the money from the pay-per-view "option"?
what i would like to know is if the 2010 panorama would be seen in Canada also?


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