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We have heard all the large bands put down the music for 2017 Panorama, how do you think it will end this year. Let's see who can pick the first 5 bands.

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Renegades phase 11 Allstars exodus fonclaire
Renegades Exodus Supernovas All Stars and Fonclaire

Supernovas, All Stars, Renegades, Desperadoes, Exodus

Patrick Ramdoo: Yuh wasting your FIRST PLACE PICK. That band CANNOT WIN!!!

Really? I heard Skiffle and they sounded good, but couldn't find room for them.

Exodus, desperados,supernovas, Renegades,and Skiffle bunch.

There's no band called Skiffle BUNCH

All Stars,Phase11,Despers, Renegades,invaders

What day and time are you announcing the winner(s) Cecil?

patrick , tomorrow. P.T. will let us know.

It look like we are in for a good panorama.

I already HAD a good PANORAMA. Too much music to process!!!


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