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Ok pan people we have heard most of the Big Bands in the prelims, lets see if you can pick the 2 bands that will score the highest in the semis. My pick is DESPERADOES and FONCLAIRE. What's yours?

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I like BP and Despers

all stars/renegades

Despers /Renegades Sunday we all will see .if you go to Belmont you can walk and hear the best

Hahahahaha like we don't have enough judges already in here! Enjoy ;-)

Renegades and Exodus!!!

Trinidad All Stars






Phase 11 Pan Groove

Trinidad AllStars

Witco Desperadoes and Renegades

I like Despers and Invaders (please dont let "The Ghost who talks" in this discussion, he will mess up a wet dream, lol)

Bede you got JOKES boy. LMAO!         Ah find Invaders sounding good too.

I will go one better...predictable Panorama always: Three bands in the TOP Five in the Finals: All Stars, Silver Stars, Phase II


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