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Semis finish, now it's down to the wire, give us your final 5.

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Radoes Renegades All stars Phase 2 Supernovas

I do hope they change something in the following years. A "show" lasting from 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday and not finishing until 3:15 Monday morning is not repeat NOT good business.

These days the normal attention span of humans is not very long.

Having a semi final with 30 small bands is utter crap. This is not to say that participating bands are not worth a spot, on the contrary, they are just as deserving. However the show cannot continue with its current format. It's far too long.

The media coverage from T & T reflected this problem. CTV cut their show, 91.1 Talk Radio coverage was good but not brilliant. As usual the announcers were not well informed.

58 Bands in total? Give me a break!

14 Small bands

14 Medium

and 14 Large

42 bands maximum.

Better organisation in the logistics needed.

And for world-wide consumption a dedicated online coverage even on pay-per-view would go along long way to raising some cash.

Please Trinbago wakeup and smell the coffee. don't be so parochial.

Imagine 6:15 a.m., 3 hours after competition finish , still no results.


Something must change.

46 bands.

Agree with you 100%, Randi. Raise it in another WST forum, nuh?

 we only get exchanges here

 next year  65 bands 

 it used  to be spread over 2 days 

 no more greens

 tv coverage after all these years - POOR


My finals picks are: Despers, Renegades, All Stars, Phase 2, Exodus...

Despers, All Stars, Renegades, Phase2,Exodus.
Let's go BJ and Exodus
1Diaz 2 Forteau 3 Joseph 4 Antics after that the field is wide open

andrew farfan, good choice. lol

Silver Stars, Exodus, Desperadoes, All Stars, Renegades.


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