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Plant Trinbagrow - Pan Trinbago aims for financial sustainability


Pan Trinbago will use a portion of the 11.5 acres of land at Trincity for its project Plant Trinbagrow. This is part of its effort to financially sustainable. - ROGER JACOB

THERE was no allocation to special interests groups in 2021 because there was no Carnival. The governing bodies of mas, pan and calypso had to find alternative ways of raising funds to carry on its business for the year.

This caused Pan Trinbago’s president Beverley Ramsey-Moore – while laying in bed one day – to ask, “Lord where do we go from here?”

She also asked herself, “What is it that Pan Trinbago has? What do we really have?”

Then the answer came to her. The pan body has land, 11.5 acres at Trincity to be exact, and she has always believed that land is capital.

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Pan Trinbago Headquartered for agriculture discussion on the chopping block with Brian Willams, Gregory Lindsay and Aquil Arrindell.


When the president of Pantrinbago could lie in bed doing absolutely nothing, and come up with a plan to PLANT-TRINBAGRO, on two (2) hectares “to help Pantrinbago on its drive to financial sustainability…”.

It may not be unreasonable to conclude that the previous day’s meeting with Ashworth Jack was considered extremely productive and pragmatic.

BEVERLEY done fire GREGORY LINDSAY and the original group of people who came to her with the idea (it wasn't GOD, eh) to start PLANTING THE LAND!!! How much time that PAN FACTORY done start and stop in the last two years.

Ain't nothing happening!!! Except that we are warming up for more CAMPAIGN PROMISES and PIE IN THE SKY!!!

Small, but important, linguistic detail with regard to the statement: "This caused Pan Trinbago’s president Beverley Ramsey-Moore – while laying in bed one day – to ask, “Lord where do we go from here?”

Was she LYING in bed one day, or was she LAYING in bed one day?

If she was LYING is bed, she was in a horizontal position - which is normally used for sleeping by human beings.

If she was LAYING in bed, she was in the process of releasing eggs in the same way as hens do.

Don't kill the messenger just becuse you don't like the message, eh!

[Must we use that photo? Embarrassing.] Anyway, in terms of "leadership", my approach is to allow study and research to guide my decisions. Based on my initial research, "In 2018, the agricultural sector in Trinidad and Tobago contributed with approximately 0.47 percent of the value added to the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Among Latin America and Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago had the lowest share of value added by the agricultural sector to the country's GDP in 2018." (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1078958/trinidad-tobago-agricul...)

To me, it makes NO sense to choose agriculture as a means to "financial sustainability". Environmental sustainability-focused industries would be much better choices, as (1) you would be in modern industry, and (2) you would be addressing climate change, which could have your okras in the Plant Trinbagrow (talk about your regular everyday tongue twister) farm under water by 2050. Allow me to share a reliable analysis by the Inter-American Development Bank with the good Madam President, or whomever assumes the throne. See attached file. (Run with the information. It was never about me, but again, I solicit intellectual responses in "doing something for pan".) George D. Goddard. 

Analysis Of Agricultural Policies In-Trinidad And Tobago - IDB


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