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Sorry to hear of Mr Manette's illness will certainly say a prayer for his full recovery

Will do.

In our thoughts and prayers...

Just Last night was viewing the Ellie Mannette story on Gayel.  May he rest comfortably and get well soon.

He will be in my prayers. I am very sorry to hear of his illness.

Ellie Mannette is going to be 91 on the 5th of November.

That is a long GENIUS, productive life IN PAN!!!

odw: Kind of a prophetic choice of CLOSING SONG!!! Good video. Some "facts" could be disputed. But that is PAR for the course in ANY HISTORY!!!

Will do ,of course. Hope he recovers soon.

I did not realize that Ellie shared the same birthday as Dr. Beryl McBurnie to whom he has given credit for a lot of his early support. At the Little Carib Theatre we celebrate her life on the Sunday closest to her birthday and this year it falls on 4th of November. 


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