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PLEASE READ! Fellow Steel Drummers in neeed of help.

Fellow Steel/Pan Drummers,
Growing up we (Shekinah Boston, Zoe Boston, and Rhema Boston) were and still are raised with an entrepreneurial mindset, always looking and being aware of possible ways to make money with our gifts, talents, and things we enjoy doing. For the past five years we have been associated with an organization that teaches kids how to play the steel drums for free, and pays the students a percentage when they perform. We are very grateful for the opportunities they have provided such as: stage presence, learning to get along with different types of people, playing by ear, patience, communication skills, and so much more. After coming together and fully obtaining the knowledge that all three of us truly enjoy playing the steel drums, we've come to the conclusion that turning what we love into a business is really our only option.

Our desire is to first raise enough money to purchase the steel drums, and then learn more songs and start performing for compensation. We have done such things in the past, on our own, charging as much as $300 for a single hour. We have effectively learned how to network, book, and handle everything on our own.

What was your dream as a child? Where would you be now if someone had or had not helped you achieve your dream or goal? We are only asking you to help us accomplish our dream of turning what we enjoy (playing and performing on the steel drums) into a business.
“Something so simple and yet so meaningful.”

The total cost for four steel drums, four steel drum cases, four steel drum stands, a camera to record and take pictures of different performances, and a computer to work on the things made on the camera is $2500. We are asking valued and respected friends, family members, and fans, to donate money to help us reach our entrepreneurial goal. We know we can do it as long as we have supporters alongside us, helping us make it.

In order to make our goal all we need is

    * 25 people to give $100
    * OR 50 people to give $50
    * OR 100 people to give $25
    * OR 500 people to give $5
    * OR 2500 people to give $1
    * OR 250000 people to give a penny

There is no amount too small or large. If all you have is a penny it will be accepted, likewise if you would like to donate a billion dollars we will gratefully accept that as well.

Remember, what was your dream as a child? Where would you be now if someone had or had not helped you achieve your dream or goal?

As of right now we are able to accept checks:
Please make checks payable to Steel Pretty
Please mail checks to 16 Stewart Street 2nd Floor, Amsterdam, New York 12010

You may also donate through PayPal by going to Donation Page

If you have any questions please contact us by either email: steelpretty@yahoo.com or phone: (518) 772-1445 and leave a message.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Shekinah, Zoe, and Rhema Boston

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Wow really interesting. Everyone should see this.


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