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Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Members of Diatonic Pan Institute of Siparia performing during the Glorious Steel Fest launch held at the Victor Chin Kit Park, Point Fortin on Saturday during the Point Fortin Borough Day 2014 celebration launch.Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul says there will be no Borough Day celebrations without T&T’s national instrument, the steelpan. Speaking on Saturday night, Paul adamantly declared that steelpan will remain a permanent fixture of Borough Day celebrations, which officially kick off tomorrow night. Addressing the formal launch of Point Fortin Borough Day celebrations on Saturday evening at Victor Chin Kit Park in Point Fortin, Paul said there are some calling for steelpan to be removed from the annual celebrations.

However he said he will not allow that to happen.
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More power to you Mayor Clyde Paul never bow to those that say they don't want pan. Borough Day is pan.

 so why do a;ll the politicians chant about the national instrument- pan on the move in point always

Big up Mayor Clyde Paul, Please ensure that the Pan is the main feature of the Festival!

It never ends.  These undertones never seem to go away.  And while several people all over the world are clamoring for more steel orchestras.

There is a sense that there are "some" Trinidadians, if they had their way they would eliminate steelpan from the consciousness of their society, it is like in some cases things are not too far removed from when steelpan was totally unacceptable until being made partially so after a steel orchestra was first allowed by a priest in Trinidad to play in a church.

Case in point, when Ajamu Nyomba was promoting a jazz event last year in Trinidad, a young lady no less told him straight out she would get rid of it if she had the power:

But there is much more. two out of every three persons to whom I attempted to give a flyer advertising the concert said they did not like pan. One young lady went as far as to say that if she were the Prime Minister she would ban pan in T&T because it is too noisy.


It never ends. Pat Bishop had it right when she said Trinidad does not deserve pan.

this is the second biggest event after PANORAMA so why should anyone want to stop PAN ON THE MOVE in point?

Mr. Mayor, please do not allow that to happen. I know you are an old PAN MANof TEXACO WEST STARS  San F'do. LET THE PAN  PLAY ON.

Only bigboys making money off pan
I stop supporting pan In TnT
All band players do not go get your money up front POINT is making their money you not making none.
PS... don't go


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