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Dancing to the sweet music of Brimblers.


LAST Saturday’s We Beat Pan Parade proved smaller than expected, with large bands like BPTT Renegades, Massy Trinidad All Stars, Hardo Phase II, Shell Invaders, Desperadoes noticeably absent. Some of them were booked for an event in Arima on the same evening.

This was the 19th edition of the parade and despite the poor turnout of bands, president of Pan Trinbago Beverley Ramsey-Moore and several members of the executive were present at the St James Amphitheatre, where the bands played before moving along the parade route. Patrons too made the most of the evening as they chipped behind the steel orchestras, which included Brimblers, Harvard Harps, Old Tech, Power Stars, MHTL Starlift, and Woodbrook Playboys.

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Hey DJ...

The truth is the truth.


How much money was given to the committee by gov't ? How much, if any, did PanTrinbago contribute? Were there contributions from the business community(doubtful)? How many bands participated? Plus, minus, multiply and divide equal accountability.

Maybe the lack of funds could have been a good thing, since the WeBeat organisers were forced to only hire "smaller" bands...But that could only have worked in a situation where Steelbands still had players, supporters, membership...and thing like that. Sadly those days are long long gone and once "certain bands" are not on show...Well...No show...Plain and simple. As sad as it is...It is what it is...Imagine, now that so many Steelbands exist, so few panmen do?...Quite remarkable...

 GARY CARDINEZ come and OPENS a can of worms that was hidden in plain sight for YEARS.

Look! LARGE is LARGE; All Stars did apologize to their FAN base for their “No Show” at Lagniappe: The Event - Steelband Champs, Soca Stars and more…The PRESIDENT said this in their media release promoting that event.

As President of the organization Mrs. Beverley Ramsey-Moore declared: “The people of Trinidad & Tobago have been calling for it (the show). I have responded to that call. I trust and obey the people and so there will be a lagniappe…. a night with the champions.”

Headline acts include the National Panorama Single Pan, Small, Medium and Large Conventional steel orchestra winners – i.e. San Juan East Side Symphony single pan band, Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force, Pan Elders and Renegades Steel Orchestras. They will be ably supported by Desperadoes, Trinidad All Stars and Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra, champions in their own right.


From the “Smooth” “Life is about changing the era. Right now, it is about youths. If you stay by what you know, you won’t get to move with the times. For example, Nadia Batson’s song, So Long, may be more monotone, but we’re moving on.”


No one wants to address the CHALLENGES that’s facing the PAN MOVEMENT, blame someone else for the incompetence, lack of communication SKILLS and diminishing attendance at PAN events. No amount of PROMOTION could attract bigger crowds, its only die-hard supporters in attendance at these Local events.

Cordettes "Miss Supporter"


I really have to RESPECT YOU!!!

Composed and arranged by Jit Samaroo for National Quarries Cordettes in 1993, with lyrics by Michael Marcano and vocals by a Salloum (can't recall which one) the third successive Jit Samaroo own tune played by Cordettes, the only steelband to play Jit Samaroo's own compositions at a panorama.


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