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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - A small crowd of pan supporters showed up for the National Single Pan Panorama preliminaries at The Paddock, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of Spain, on Saturday. Twenty-eight of the 29 bands registered for the six-hour-plus event performed before the judging panel in a bid to secure places in the semifinal round of event, which was hosted by Pan Trinbago’s Northern Region.
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I was told by someone in the Mecca that the Small Bands played too much old tunes that why he did not attend.

Cecil Quote from "Old Tunes" Discussion, I ask a friend in the Mecca if he is attending the prelims this evening and he told me he's not because most of the bands playing OLD TUNES.

Cecil Quote from "Poor support for single pan bands" Discussion,I was told by someone in the Mecca that the Small Bands played too much old tunes that why he did not attend

Cecil, Are you sure it's not the same Fella? Like he just don't like "OLD TUNES", lol

It's the same topic. Bede.


We need to call Dar fella, Dar fella

Bede: The UWI site is back up!!! On another note, yuh see which song getting the most play for Panorama.

Claude, I just was reading the Articles Via Trinidad Guardian before you commented

Bede: Cecil find ah new pardnah name Patrick and the man eh have no time for me again. Ah have to find some new friends, boy.

I like to look at numbers. I look at a sample of the population, and it helps me understand certain attitudes and behaviors. As I look at the numbers in this post, it has 151 views, and 1 comment. (Not including myself in either number.) I would think that a headline such as this would draw comments from those who claim to love pan. (I am not trying to be judgmental; again, just looking at numbers.) My natural inference, is that there is a certain apathy; a certain emotional detachment to steelband culture.

In any case, the problem is that, by themselves, single pan bands, will never be a crowd attraction. Never. The only way for them to get any real publicity, would be to have all the categories compete on the same day. As for playing old tunes, I think that it would be a better idea to have that as a separate competition, where all the steelbands have to play an old song. Maybe, call it "Panorama Nostalgia". Hey, soca has "chutney soca", "groovy soca", right? Anyway, Panorama Nostalgia does not necessarily have to be around Carnival time; maybe, we can have a Steelband Village during Independence, set up where the "Greens" is set up, or another location (does not matter). We could promote it to the cruise ships, so that vacationers during the summer can visit Trinidad and Tobago and get a feel of Carnival, even if they could not make it to the main even.

Which brings another idea; we should have a national cruise ship, showcasing ALL our cultures of Trinidad and Tobago. On that ship, there could be a steelband, chosen on a rotation basis. This cruise ship will have NOTHING but "Trini culture"; nothing from Jamaica, United States, or any other country. Live entertainment, food, and I know it may have to include gambling. (The games can all have Trinidad and Tobago themes.

Just these two ideas, would create jobs for our local panmen and panwomen, not to mention other skilled and non-skilled workers. Of course, that will be a huge investment, and Trinidad and Tobago has it issues with "bobol", but that does not take away from the reality, that we MUST begin thinking outside the box. (Excuse the cliche.) Anyway, that's my brain on too much coffee. lol.

Great day to all. Ghost.

keep drinking coffee Ghost….love the ideas...

It is hard enough with the mismanage of the current crop of cultural shows… you really think they could do more

ARTHUR W TRAVERSO, I posted this response by accident on another topic. First we need to get rid of the crime, people are very afraid to wonder around. Long ago you could for example in Belmont, visit Pandemonium panyard, enjoy a walk to 'Heinekien' Pan Vibes, next Casablanca etc. Walk to the numerous mas camps in the area also, Ken Morris, Jason Sailors, Julien Bolden etc. People can't do that again, in their own neighborhood. Is shooting, and if you only look different, you will be targeted for no reason. And you know the locals can easily tell if you come from Miami or New York. The trini paper only report murders, if they start reporting stabbings, muggins, etc they can full at least one sheet in the papers. There is law and order in the  United States of America. We had law and order in Trinidad and Tobago when the English man was in charge. You are absolutely correct, I experience each time I visit, panyards and fete, full with foreigners, mostly trinis. The best we can do here is discuss band arrangements. Crowd and supporters is out of the question.

I agree with Mr Traverso you only see foreigners because they do not know about the crime;but the locals are afraid.there is no law and order in Trinidad I am sad about that. be cause we had such a beautiful Island; it is still beautiful, but different.


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