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Port of Spain Corporation
City Administration Department,
City Hall

February 13 2016


I have noted the continued outrage and hurt over statements attributed to me. I deeply regret the consequences of these statements, and I apologise unreservedly to those who have been affected. I consider the reaction has been sufficient lo cause damage to the Office of the Mayor of Port of Spain, which any holder of this office should be concerned to protect at all costs.

It is in these circumstances, why I intend to call an emergency meeting of Council, and tender my resignaton as Mayor, and as an Alderman.

It is important for me to point out as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, a man and a father, that I reiterate my unreserved respect for women, and in fact for all people, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

It is hoped that with this decision, the Office of the Mayor is now protected, my unreserved apology accepted by my fellow citizens, and that the focus can now be placed fully on solving the murder of a visitor to our shores.

Raymond Tim Kee


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Came to his senses

Very good. May justice be served, with the capture of the perpetrator of this crime; and all those others who in the past months, at least, have victimized women to their deaths.

Mr. Mayor you remain an honourable man with this decision.

He had to do it.

I'm pretty sure the PM had a word with him and the rest is the obvious consequence.

At lease he is saving face and doing the country's reputation some good

The pm said it was "tongue in cheek" so don't be so sure.

Which country? What a country!!!!

One down, one more 'mayor' to GO -

Check out Tim Kee's brother-in-arms, with even worse sentiment, backing up Tim Kee and coming to his defense - CLYDE PAUL, mayor of Point Fortin -  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153546949868681 -

What did he have to say in his Facebook post?  Quote:  "What action Tim Kee must resign for? I hope when the truth of this young lady's murder unfolds, some people could handle it?!"

umm - what "truth" Clyde Paul?  There is something that young Asami Nagakiya did that she deserved to be murdered?  You're even worse than Tim Kee. Well, Clyde Paul - you're next to leave office.

I have to agree with one commenter in response to Mayor Clyde Paul, she says it best:

Like is only stupid ppl they dose choose for Mayor in Trinidad. I don't understand how that even make sense. Soo you telling me that "IF" d case maybe that d woman was involved in something" that gave whoever d right to rape and kill her. Woman of T&T men have no frigging respect, none at all for a woman.


What  is wrong with these pompous idiots?

The statements were not "attributed" to you, you made them. Jeeezeeee enough now, close the door when you leave.


But what we doing about Clyde Paul!!!!! Another one!

There is nothing he can do to make up for what he said , this is an easy way out for him.

I'm not surprised by the principled action taken by Mr Tim Kee. He made an unfortunate and troubling statement in these days of 'political correctness' and paid the price.  I wish that more of our politicians would be man/woman enough to follow his example.



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