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As a quick recap I posted about a year ago that myself and two friends were going to Trinidad for pre-carnival in 2014 during pan prelims and semis. I am pleased and proud to say that my friends had such a great experience that they are going back....for FIVE weeks and playing for panorama this time. They intend to find a band to play with when they get there. I am so proud of them and so happy that they had such a great time that they want to do this extended trip. I am just starting to make plans to join them. I think I will again do my time during prelims and semis, but it is tempting to be there for finals. They have made arrangements to stay in St Ann's and I am just starting to look for accommodations, preferably somewhere in the St Anns area so we could travel together and spend some time together. I am open to any suggestions for a place to stay, nothing fancy, just a safe place to sleep.

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