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Prelim Panorama 2011 perfomances & more - Trinidad and Tobago

Prelim Panorama 2011 perfomances & more - Trinidad and Tobago

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Sad but true.
I personally know, also, of a local top-level company that approached them years ago, and they were denied. For the next few years there was either NO dvd produced or there were some terrible ones made by someone's relative...
If Basement Recordings/When Steel Talks ever wants to have this conversation with the British Association of Steelbands let me know ... we'll answer immediately!!!
Wow, this is sad. Another reason for Boogsie's song. I think a new organisation needs to be established and I think When Steel Talks is the best bet.
I cannot wait to hear Silver Stars song when completed, with intro and ending. WOW!
Thundering Feelin......................
Wonderful job When Steel Talks. Cannot wait to get home to listen in person.  Never thought I would have been able to listen to Steel Band prelim so early in the season

Thank you for your effort, Khari Codrington.

I think the T&T Panorama is getting great promotion on this forum, but most of it is focused on the large bands, when its the smaller, lesser known and community bands that need it the most.

In other words, my Trinidad All Stars will be fine, but don't forget about my Southern Marines!

Thanks  WST, for all the links and music...NOW on that Note  this Year Panorama is  Trinidad ALL STARS To Win....srry no offense to the other bands But this SHOWTIME..is really SHOWTIME
Precisely. No arranger would ever let everyone hear all the "tricks to come." And the pans get blended before semis and finals, due to the cost, especially if prelims don't involve actual judging.
Are you trying to beat a man at his own game and if so good luck.


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