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President Beverley - we don't come to Panorama to see or hear Pan Trinbago

Dear President

Pan Trinbago had only one job to do this season. Just get through the panorama season.

Your organization is known for destroying everything it touch.

Most of the statements I've seen from the large bands say they couldn't care less about XO changing their tune. So what's your problem?

Do you not have a lost 60 million dollars to find?

Don't you have the North Park to study?

After years of Pan Trinbago gangstarism is this where you want to a point? And exactly what is that point?

It seems like it is time for large bands to leave Pan Trinbago and do their own thing. Pan Trinbago can only hurt you.

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Now the she got POWER and AUTHORITY

She doh give ah damn about NOBDOY

Forgive me for thinking and saying this BUT is everybody in Trinbago infected with a power complex steeped in stupidity and a strong desire to lay down a pattern of utter destruction on everything they get involved with?

You've at last replaced a group of the most incompetent people every to run an organization, and to show you have the power, you make the most stupid decision at the get go.


Proof if ever it were needed that only business and business minded people should be running an organization like this.

It is about time the large bands together with their sponsors made a total breakaway from PanTrinbago. Let the fools revel in their own comes.

If I'm not mistaken, bands have changed tunes between semis and finals in the past.

So what's the 4 legs good 2 legs bad attitude with this lot?

I must admit, I hate 2 faced, fork tongued people who think only of themselves. 



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