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Prime minister, ministers, mayors and councillors, take notice and take action. Pan camps need help. Part 2


By Aquil Arrindell


Lastly, last year’s pan camp did not adequately attract sponsorship and we were not able to pay the tutors. However, the same tutors came back despite that, with the knowledge that it may be the same this year. There are always the other options that some of the other youths in the pan yard take every holiday which is work at grocery stores, book stores, “take a look inside” stores, clothing stores etc.  However, Kenlica Boswell, Asia Richardson, Lexine Lambert and Jorder Lewis, the pan camp tutors of 2018, understand the need for personal sacrifice to help our nation’s children so they committed themselves to accept that responsibility. I am proud of them and I think we as a nation should “Catch them when they are good” and applaud them for their efforts. I urge you all to make a contribution and if there is anyone who would be interested in contributing towards paying their stipends, feel free to make the connection. I must make mention of Councillor Parris who is not our councillor but frequents our pan yard and shows a genuine interest as children from his constituency are beneficiaries of our programs. Also Ms. Kelly Richardson for being the art tutor regardless of pay.


I am calling on our councillor, whom I have never seen since she was elected into office, to show some interest. To Mayor Junior Regrello and Minister Kazim Hosein, please help, as San City is the only steel band within the purview of a corporation and by extension local government, which the corporation’s workers benefit from. The assistance of the Minister of Community Development and Youth and Gender Affairs is requested as this is a cultural program engaging youths, some who have had physical and mental challenges. I am calling on Ministers Faris Al-Rawy and Randall Mitchell, as it is your constituencies we in San City culturally enrich. I am calling on the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley to take notice because pan camps in south are dying away because of a lack in finance. The bands who are still at it are doing so with minimal resources and may not be able to continue in the near future.


I am making an appeal to you and our nation to please invest in the youths to catch them before they go bad and not after the fact, because by then it would be gross waste of tax payers’ dollars. My number is 727 8203 and Asia Richardson’s is 374 6185. San City remains focused and asks you to help us help others.


Yours truly             

Aquil Arrindell


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Aquil, this is good advise I am giving. You will get greater attention from the powers that be if you do what you have to independent of government. The panman also need to learn the art of economic independence. You are young and this is an opportunity for you to guide the pan community to think out the artform differently. Do it differently to get different results. Let's stop the dependence syndrome. 

There is no dependence syndrome here pal. However, tax payers dollars belongs to the people and we must demand where the investment goes. You saying that to me is like saying, let pan trinago executive do what they want with my money and don't say nothing, be dependent. Sorry, but I don't share that view. Because just like Pan Trinbago, political party after political party guide my tax payers dollars into places it should not of gone and it is us that are feeling the effects of that right now. Why not invest in saving youths other than jailing youths? I rest there for now.

You missed what I am suggesting entirely. It's about creating or developing a different culture, a different attitude for panman. 


No wonder FORTEAU and SHEPPARD turn yuh UPSIDE DOWN with all your SOCIALIST IDEAS!!!

Ah voting for FORTEAU in this UPCOMING ELECTION!!! You doh understand the politics at all.

And show some respect for MR. BERTEL GITTENS. Me and BERTEL is real good PARDNERS. And you still on MY LIST to become ah good pardner. Your application is being REVIEWED!!!


I will check you.

all i am saying, the government have a responsibility to help social programs, it could be football camp, home centre, pan camp etc. those things are important to our nation's social development and should not be looked at as if someone is begging.

Lets used this as a comparison.  I make children and my wife ask me for money for them and i telling her, stop begging me for money, NO, that is a disrespect. It is my responsibility to provide as it is the government to help social programs. Our tax payers dollars pays for that, and we must not take the responsibility of the government to its citizens out of the equation with programs such as these.

but as you say we most likely at two different chain of though on the topic.   

I hear you , Aquil and you're making sense.

However , in spite of the ravings of some of the crazies on this forum , I have a strong feeling that the government , be it PNM , UNC or whoever, are trying to stay out of the affairs of steelbands as much as possible , in the belief that whatever monies are distributed to steelbands via Pan Trinbago is enough involvement in steelband affairs , as far as they are concerned.

That may be shortsighted , but they are politicians , and like they say , "It is what it is".

IMHO ,They want the pan people to manage their affairs , financial or otherwise by themselves , without additional government involvement ( or work )

In other words , asking the government to invest additional funding to the steelband portion of the culture , apart from that granted to PT is probably a pipe dream.

Again , I must remind you of Pan Trinbago's mandate , to spend the funds allotted to the steelband movement as they see fit..

And your suggestions , while sound ,would definitely involve additional funding.

I believe it will be left up to pan people to spend the available funds as efficiently and effectively as possible , including a review as to whether investing most of the available funding in the annual panorama as we currently do affords us the best value per dollar for the investment of government ( taxpayers ) funds.

Of course , whether or not that funding can be increased , is another question.

I have learnt in recent time, that you must give people the opportunity to say no and don't say no for them, because when you have them cornered, they should not have an easy way out by saying  "you never ask". The record must show you asked and they refused to help the nation's children for what ever reasons which would help them sleep better at night. 

And as far as my I understanding, NCC deals with CARNIVAL, which has nothing to do with social programs, so Panorama allocations is just that, PANORAMA ALLOCATION.

But i could be wrong. 


Now, in these TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES in Trinidad, THE PARTY cannot FIND JOBS for all the supporters who helped them win the election (they cannot even provide a BOAT for their STRONGEST BASE -- TOBAGONIANS -- to travel back and forth to TRINIDAD) and you expecting them to HAND OVER MONEY to your SUMMER PAN CAMP.

DIAZ and FORTEAU and SHEPPARD and JOSEPH control 350,000 votes. So dem sure to get dey TWENTY TWO MILLION in just a few months. Dem little children yuh have in yuh band TOO YOUNG TO VOTE -- so you doh got ah DIME COMING!!!

Boy, when ah talk yuh wouldn't hear ... finish the rhyme for meh!!!

Another legendary speech from a former U.S.President President!!!

That fight is a loosing battle. Put me in Rowley place, I ain't giving Pan Trinbago one white cent of tax payers money based on the behavior of the executive over the past couple years. No reasonable person will. Panman attitude HAVE TO CHANGE! I was hoping Aquil would seize the opportunity to do this work. I still hope I am not wrong.


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