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Professor has plan for cheaper pans

By Darcel Choy Monday, January 31 2011

University of the West Indies (UWI) professor Winston Lewis has proposed a cheaper method to manufacture the steelpan to become more competitive in the global arena.

He revealed this last Thursday during a lecture at the Faculty of Engineering at UWI, St Augustine. In his vision, the use of integrated management systems (IMS) to improve manufacturing capabilities in the Caribbean region can create efficiencies allowing for greater competitiveness for this country’s national instrument.

Lewis, a professor of industrial systems engineering at the university, addressed the effectiveness of IMS in the manufacturing of the steelpan.

He focussed on the use of management systems and standards in the production of large quantities of the steelpan to make them more accessible in the Caribbean and the world.

Lewis said he plans to take his vision to Government and the pan fraternity to see if it can become a reality.

“We want to produce consistently, and produce the numbers that are required for the country, put steelpan in every school and every home and we want to provide for the region and the world at a very low cost,” he said.

He added that it would ensure the world understands that the country gave “pan to the world.”

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This is where it's at.. quick quality.... there will always be a market for vintage, custom and/or professional series but we need to get an assortment of quality products good...better...best and Top shelf, and the prices to match cheap... reasonable... expensive....and how many zero's is that? LOL.... Good to go... make it happen




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