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Pulling no Punches - Andy Narell, Arranger for birdsong Steel Orchestra, Speaks on the 2014 Panorama Season

An exclusive WST interview with Panorama arranger, recording and performing artist Andy Narell


Andy Narell“...You ask if I want to win Panorama.  In its present form, I would have to say it doesn’t interest me at all.  I would however like to be able to play my music at the finals, and have always considered that a privilege  worth striving for.  Every year I’ve participated I’ve tried my best to get my band there, and it’s very disappointing to not be invited to the party...”  Andy Narell

Global -  Panorama arranger for birdsong Steel Orchestra Andy Narell  shares his thoughts and speaks candidly about the recently-concluded 2014 Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama in an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks.  The annual Trinidad & Tobago Panorama is the world’s premiere tuned percussion competition.

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Thanks WST/Pan Times for your dedication and continued work in keeping us informed...

" There are of course those who consider what I’m doing an attack on the culture, and yet others who think that I really want to win Panorama but keep showing up ‘with a knife to a gunfight.’ Your website provides everyone with a venue to express their opinions, and I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinion, even those who think I should take the music elsewhere."

Never underestimate the power of this medium 'forum', like Glenroy says is we think-tank, now lets see if we can get Pan Trinbago president Diaz to come on board and share his views.

As one member would say, here we go again with Andee, Andee, Andee. I think he likes all the attention he is getting on WST. Two things I have to say firstly " yuh cannot take ah bow and arrow to ah gunfight"

Secondly if you have the correct formula what does that say about Boogsie ,Smooth, Robert, Prof and the rest.

Are you serious, Cecil? Andy "likes all the attention he is getting on WST"?. Be real, man. The man is internationally known. We live in this cocoon and we think coccoonish, because T&T is our world. We don't even recognize our own, you know, the foreign T&Tians who are qualified.

When Andee goes out there, he doesn't talk Andee, he talks T&T as far as his music (steel pan)  is concerned. Someone is claiming "now is the time of Duvonne, Liam,Amrit, Seion and Andre,  and strangely enough, none of 'em can catch a break. Why?? or better still, why not??

Andy I recommend you read Mr. LenChurch's response to you in the other thread. http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/xn/detail/2534462:Comment:440202

Andy now is the time of Duvone, Liam, Amrit, Seion and Andre. You couldn't beat Bradley, Holman, Goddard, Philmore, Greenidge way back in the day so now you want to change the judges to the exam you failed. Andy you didn't come second or third. You came last. Cut the excuses.


Ohh poor light skin, straight hair Andy, you must be better than those dark skin, melanin, kinky haired people. Just give it up and accept your losses as a man. That's why it's called Trini Carnival. It's done the Trini way. Not your way.
It is good for so many of our people to participate in this discourse.We have had both for and against Andy Narrell.
In the interest of the Steelpan Movement we should,as far as our emotions would permit,cease bashing any of our Ambassadors who are all,in their own way,trying to spread the Gospel of the Steelpan worldwide.We people in this business at times allow our emotions to get the better of us.This we should harness and,instead of " the crab in the barrell" mentality,let us raise up ALL our Contributors so that together the Steelpan Movement can go forward and grow from strength to strength.
Please Dear Friends and Gentle People,let's respect what others are contributing.We would never always agree with everything others do but we should,at a minimum,respect their contribution.

Very well said Ainsworth !!!!!! 


What are we saying here, it's OK for Andy to show us what he feels  panorama music should be? By doing what he does shows total disrespect for what the other arrangers are doing.

Hi Mr. Hinkson. What I believe is being said, is that arrangers for panorama, that have the ability to expand on their music don't for fear of not winning the panorama. The panorama arrangement is stuck in a box, music is so expressive and broad, what is being done in panorama selections only capture one eight of what musically can be expressed. It's by choice. If the music was being judged from a true musical stand point the quality of the compositions would be much higher. I say unshackle the wrists of these geniuses and allow them the freedom to truly innovate this great spectacle which is viewed world wide. In my humble opinion Mr. Narell was not disrespecting the other arrangers but daring them to challenge to mark that's there because they are all much better than what they produce.

I wonder if the great Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, Leon 'Smooth' Edwards or Robert 'Sugarhand' Greenidge could go to any other part of the world and challenge another culture on THEIR cultural musical compositions the way Andy Narell does in Trinidad?

I am almost sure, if they try to do such, they will NEVER get away with it so easily!! But only in Trinidad and Tobago! Thank God, the judges WILL NOT let Narell get away with it!

Good Question odw! And if they did and the results dont turn out as expected, they would say our judges dont have the slightest clue about anything, just as Narell says about our local judges! But still he begging to get into the finals! You ever see thing like that?


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