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QUESTION: Shouldn't a major requirement to hold any position (especially executive positions) in Pan Trinbago be that holders of such positions know the history of Pan Trinbago specifically? (I say, t

It would be an embarrassment to claim "World governing" status, and then when someone from another part of the World asks a question about the history of the steelband body currently known as Pan Trinbago, its members are unable to articulate that history. I know of no such organization where leadership is functionally illiterate when it comes to their own history. It is not a good impression to establish. So, do yourselves a favor; if you intend to hold positions in Pan Trinbago, do your homework and know about the history of the association. Failure to do so, severely discredits your holding of such positions. But, hey, that's just my opinion, and I am, after all, NOBODY. Right? Right.

George D. Goddard, B.A.

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