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CASYM Wins NY Panorama - Results - New York 2013 Panorama -

Congrats to CASYM Steel Orchestra on capturing the 2013 NY Panorama crown...

1.   481 - CASYM
2.   470 - Sonatas
3.   469 - D'Radoes
4.   467 - Pan Fantasy
5.   464 - Despers USA
6.   462 - ADLIB
7  . 450 - Pantonic
8.   433 - Crossfire
8.   433 - Harmony
10. 418 - Metro

click for results breakdown

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Yes Kern I know; 469 was the highest score before last night, and that info is also in my book.                       In mathematics. 460's means any amount from 460 through 469. Thanks for your observation though.         

That's my point. In both 2004 and 2010 Pan Sonatas scored OVER 469 points. In mathematics, if you score over 469 (counting natural numbers) that means that you scored over the 460's.

Yes Kern, you are absolutely correct. I apologize; the highest points were indeed 471 & 472 points respectively; it is written as such in my book. My elevator just did not reach the top floor for some reason.  (lol)

Thanks again.

This is how we pan people should communicate with each other, by correcting each other errors.

If you did not reply, I would not have recognized that I was at fault.

Please ask Clement to give you one of my books and send your contact number to my E mail address: laventl@aol.com 

Thanks again

No problem at all. You've informed me, and others, on tons of pan history . Glad I could do my part. 

This is not Kern from Despers though. It's Kern from Sonatas (9 bass)...

Yes, Kern, do your part and keep the information correct.  Mathematics or otherwise, over 460 is "OVER 460", viz 461, 462, 463 etc.....  I was wondering about that comment earlier today too, so happy to know the facts. 


And yes, Ian Franklin, you doing a good job with the knowledgebase re pan and taking the corrections in good stride.  We are only human.


Keep up the good work guys!!!!! Luv it!!!


Hello to my new friends Kern & Annette,

                                                            I Just returned from the last day of Pan Month, where Harmonites, Starlift, Phase II, Invaders and Desperadoes performed.

Kern, I always thought you were the Kern from Despers USA (lol)


              Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks to the both of you. If we pan people can begin treating each other with respect, pan will rise. I will like to have both of your e mail address. I am


Thanks again &, Love Peace and Pan

"In mathematics"??? Even in arithmetic. Sarcasm noted. 

Hey Ian, how many players did each of the other bands have?

Hello Patrick,

                    Do you really want to know or are you being sarcastic? (lol)

Congratulations to the bands that performed and to the winners. I did say upfront that there were champion arrangers in the fray who were up for the challenge. They came in 1st, 3rd and 4th. It does not however take away from Seion and Andre who are also champion in their own right. So, well done Duvone, BJ, Al Foster. Special congratulations go out to Sonatas for their creditable performance. I hope this placing serves as a catalyst to elevate the band to the premier status which it once held. I also want to congratulate  the young Franklyn and commend him. He has places to go with his arrangements. In part, I detect that unique Desperadoes sound that was so prevalent in years gone by. Again, heartiest congratulations to all the arrangers and all the performers. 

Congratulations to all the bands!

And New York watch out, when Duvone start to win so he doh stop you know, he sick! Congrats to CASYM!


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