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CASYM Wins NY Panorama - Results - New York 2013 Panorama -

Congrats to CASYM Steel Orchestra on capturing the 2013 NY Panorama crown...

1.   481 - CASYM
2.   470 - Sonatas
3.   469 - D'Radoes
4.   467 - Pan Fantasy
5.   464 - Despers USA
6.   462 - ADLIB
7  . 450 - Pantonic
8.   433 - Crossfire
8.   433 - Harmony
10. 418 - Metro

click for results breakdown

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Are we ever going to witness an International Panorama or perhaps the winner of each Panorama in a respective year performing/competing on neutral grounds or world stage??  Cah wait 4 dat!!!!

Annette, It can happen if they Standardize Pan

Your response noted Mr Lopez. Though the standardizing would be a great help incl the minimizing of costs associated with transporting etc, there are those pannists who prefer to play their personal pan/pans, which would not be too much of a prob where single pans are concerned. The event could still happen bfo pans are standardized, since a good Pannist can adjust quickly to pans that are set up differently. Guess you and others may still view it as a disadvantage.

A Good Panist can adjust to Pans that are set up differently BUT NOT A WHOLE LOT can do it, I can't, Can you? 

Right here in Trinidad, I had to do that, faced with the challenge. Then again with Sonatas in NY, though for my second year with Sonatas, we discovered a set of pans that I was able to set-up in a way that I was more accustomed to ... btw, talking about the tenor bass. It may take me a couple of practices to adjust but I have seen GOOD pannists adjust immediately. Hopefully ah getting there, haha! But I hear you and agree that the standardizing of pans must make it easier for ALL.

So many arguments FOR and AGAINST standardized pan competitions. The idea needs to be tested on a small scale. Like maybe an exhibition/competition with just about five bands and twenty players each. The issues will rise to the surface and people could start debugging the inherent problems.

The overall quality was very high and I think it is worth noting that no band made fewer than 400 points. 


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