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A good friend of mines has been looking into getting a radio show dedicated towards steel pan in NY the deal is almost done but he fears not having enough listeners 

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Go brave..........

Let the pan music play on

 I hope enough listeners to benefit the program, it's a challenge, may want to do some sort of census first before investing. I will tune-in. This is why it's so important for young players  to move forward into arranging. When you people get set -up  I want to hear North zone panorama champion band  Tesoro Starlift  play  'The Robot' by H Puckerin.

So will it be streaming online? its no good just sticking to the airways Radio's appeal is very limited these days.

Yes online once he gets enough sponsors to cover everything.

Still a large audience, especially for a "START-UP" like PAN!!!


Speaking for myself, i would listen. I would like pan to also be featured on B.E.T or T V one or O's TV (Oprah) at least for

an hour.If all steel bands in the New York area would come together along with WIADA, I believe this could be accomplished.

aka:Curly aka:Tahzann

I'm still listening to the WST Pan Radio Sessions that I downloaded. If we could have something like that again it would be perfect. These shows helped me to immerge my students into the world of pan although we are living in Germany. ;-)


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