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Ralph MacDonald, Robert Greenidge & Friends Drop Magic on MOP Festival - Moods of Pan 2008 - REVISITED

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I.- Multiple Grammy award-winning producer, song writer and performing artist Ralph MacDonald came to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, sister isle of Barbuda - to have some fun. What was also very apparent from the onset was that the people of Antigua were in for a very special treat. Ralph MacDonald brought his A-team to town - and they were not about to take any prisoners.

This was MacDonald’s first visit to Antigua in his storied and wonderful career, and he made sure the people of Antigua and Barbuda were going to remember both him and his gang of musical Goliaths. 

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I feel so sad when I see these performances. I feel like shouting what the XYZ is wrong with us.. I just have to wonder what did Grover Washington see that many of our leading vocalists couldnt see in engaging the full use of a pan side. Most of our artists sing about pan is the greatest but not for hell they would do what this yankee did in using the back up of a full pan side. They use one great pannist and that's all  Did anyone pay attention to the presentation of just the two of us with full pan back up? Now legends like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson made history with their mega back up,well so did Grover only he didnt have any qualms about using the full force of a steelband. Now doughnuts to oranges how much of a set back  Grover's performance 

to lets say a Sinatra show with his 40 piece orchestra? The typical full stage steel orchestra is about 50 players, are we so unpatriotic that we wouldnt even attempt to proudly tout our rendition of an elite singer with full pan backup doing a show compared to the legends?..Are we up to it? Dam right we are..I hope I live long enough to see it happen just so I can say as a proud trini,  TOLD YOU!!


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