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Real Steel repeats as UK Panorama Champions in 2013

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Real Steel on their 2013 victory.

1st  268 – Real Steel
2nd 266 – Metronomes Steel Orchestra
3rd 265 – Mangrove Steelband
4th 259 – Ebony Steelband
5th 249 – CSI Steel Orchestra
6th 247 – Croydon Steel Orchestra

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Congrats to Real Steel for winning the London Panorama 2014
Congrats to Real Steel..champions 2013 at the NottingHill Panorama. Cannot wait to hear their version of Hammertime.
PanAm you are too early..we are still in 2013.

Congrats to Real Steel on their victory. Can someone tell me if it's the same arranger from last year?

Yes it is the same arranger. :-)
The arranger is Leroy Clarke, he's the one who creates there wonderful arrangements :-) well don't Real steel

Congrats to Real Steel on their victory.

Yeah I was there just got back home this morning on my way to New York tomorrow. Real Steel was great over half of the band is Caucasian watch out my Children them people playing some serious Pan. And as always New York finest was in the mix, Good Job Andre if Mangrove had better players and a better rhythm section you might have pulled it off. anyway good luck on Saturday.

My money is on Adlib Saturday

Pankriss, you are correct Leroy Clarke is one sick arranger, I am yet to hear his work for 2013 but that tune from last year have me convince that he is one of the best new arranges in the game.


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