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Reflections on an 11 year term of office serving within Pan Trinbago TC, as delegate for Power Stars Steel Orchestra

Good evening to all

This evening at 830pm, my orchestra's members and the community will elect an new executive, under the auspices of the Northern Region Chairman of PanTrinbago, Ms. Desiree Myers presiding over the proceedings.

Serving for 11 years within the bowels of the movement, has been as much an education as it has been a fulfiling experience in understanding so many facets of human behaviour and the act of service to the movement.

I would express my profound thanks to all that I have interacted with surrounding issues related in TTO with steelpan over the last 11 years. 

I have had the august opportunity to work with many people across the divide of the movement, under three presidents of Pan Trinbago; that I have learned a lot from from nature of our interactions and experiences, particularly as a delegate for my Orchestra at the Congress of Delegates of Pan Trinbago.

Most of all, I have always had my pan family who put up with me for my entire tenure in office. I will leave history to judge my advocacy and activism during my time in the movement  from 2008 to 2019 that my band and I sacrificed much for; collectively and individually; with change comes growth

I will always still have love for, still being a part of; but leaving room for others to grow with a renewed mandate moving forward to 2020 and beyond. God's Richest Blessings to my President Beverley Ramsey-Moore and her team, my regional secretariat colleagues, and most of all, members of the movement.


Again, my profound thanks to the Pan fraternity at large.

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Gregory, are you;

  1. Declining nomination?
  2. Do you expect not to be successful at the polls?
  3. Have you resigned as an elected official of your band?
  4. Are you retiring from the band?
  5. Are you taking a sabbatical?
  6. Are you retiring from all steelband activities?

I don't understand this message.


I have declined the nomination.

The entire board was dissolved, myself included.

I will still continue to be an ordinary member of my band, especially needed as the new executive transitions into its new term; and continue in my own way to contribute to my band's development.

I am taking a well-deserved sabbatical assisting my new band executive transitioning into their new roles. I will retire from all steelband activity when my Father calls me to His House.

I hope that this resolves any ambiguity

Gregory Lindsay: Ah hear that you are SO FRUSTRATED with the STAGNANCY of the PAN MOVEMENT under BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE that you UP AND QUIT THE PAN TING!!!


After all DEM BIG PROMISES from BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE the organization gone into HIBERNATION until PANORAMA START AGAIN in two months.


Thanks for all your service to the PAN COMMUNITY!!!


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