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The New Visionaries was formed to oppose the executive of Pan Trinbago for leadership of the organzation.They were made to go through legal battles which depleted their funds and tied them up in the courts for years thus allowing PT to rule beyond their mandate.

I am of the opinion this also broke the spirit of the New Visionaries, now pan people is left with the uncertainty as to who will  oppose the executive of PT?

In this fiasco the playing field was not level, the cards was stacked against the New Visionaries because the had to raise funds with included their own to pay legal expenses while on the other hand Pan Trinbago executives used PT funds for their legal expenses which I think should be illegal.

I am now asking the powers that be to have Pan Trinbago reimburse  the New Visionaries all legal expenses, this way no other executive will think about using this strategy in the future.

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ODW; my brother, every year the Republic of T&T Government, allot/distribute 1/4 billion some $250,000.000.oo million TT tax payers dollars, to the T&T Carnival Culture, Masqueraders sector, Calypsonian's, Soca Monach, Chutney, Pan / steel band via PanTrinbago etc, PanTrinbago is allotted a minimal/minimum amount some $25,000.000.oo to $30,000.000.oo odd million tt dollars for pan people, they got that funding since mid Janurary 2015, where they had to allot funds to the single, small, medium, and large bands to prepare for panorama and Carnival ...


I understand what it IS, the allotments for the stake holders at Carnival, but what I don't understand is WHY can't Pan Trinbago as a separate entity with an overhead that covers over 200 plus steel orchestras and their members, I guess over 5,000 plus players performing at this musical event, could not come up with a figure to justify, why their annual allotment needs to be increased and funded to meet these demands. They keep coming up short every year? No payments for the performers.

Am I to believe there's no financial gain in hosting this annual event, time to come up with solutions. 

There is "FINANCIAL GAIN" but it goes into the POCKETS of the ADMINISTRATORS. Running PAN TRINBAGO is not about PAN. It is about STEALING FUNDS ... as the GEICO commercial says: EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!!!

I am “SHOCKED” you mean this cultural organization that’s tax payer funded, is a crime syndicate and no one is indicted for misappropriation of funds???

The examples are out in the open!!! Been visited and revisited on this forum. Been reported in the news papers and discussed openly by Ministers of government. Lebron James is in town today so I don't have the time to go dig up all those TWICE TOLD TALES on corruption in PAN TRINBAGO.


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