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Leo Coker - Master Steelpan Tuner

Leo Coker was one of the finest tuners ever.
republished from the Terry Joseph archives

By Terry Joseph

November 06, 2003

Among the steelbands for which he tuned instruments was Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars, Exodus, Tropical Angel Harps and Tokyo.

"He was among the most humble and dependable of persons supplying services to our band," Exodus manager Ainsworth Mohammed said. "He would make appointments for up to three years in advance for tuning or blending instruments for Panorama and you really never had to double-check.

"Leo would be there from as early as 5.30 a.m. on the appointed day, working non-stop, taking a break only for the lunch that was prepared by his wife and brought in his little bag. He was a gentleman and a leading light among his peers and we at Exodus will miss him a great deal," Mohammed said.

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Remembering Leo Coker for all the lives he touched.

Leo Coker, indeed a Master Tuner, I share the thoughts of Ainsworth on Coker. Around 1970, Coker came up to our Band "Gay" Flamingoes. He was brought there by none other than Henry "Bendix" Cumberbatch. as a matter of fact Bendix brought an entire crew to Flamingoes including Jimi Phillip. But Coker was a dvoted soldier, a great contributer to the pan tuning cause, a good friend, may he RIP.


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